Caterpillar reports dip in marine engines sales

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Caterpillar again reported a decline in marine engine sales for the three-month rolling period of October through December 2009 compared to the same months of 2008, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

December sales were down 29 percent, the company reported. November sales, as previously reported, were down 35 percent and October sales were down 25 percent.

Caterpillar reported a decline in engine sales in every business sector and in every region of the world.


3 comments on “Caterpillar reports dip in marine engines sales

  1. Komrade Karl

    I though our president went to Peoria & visit the Cat plant & told them the stimulus was going have them calling people back for the shovel ready jobs the stimulus was to fund in the near future??? 

  2. C Dockside Boat Supply

    Actually, I thought President Obama said that the president of Cat told him that if the economic stimulus package was passed that they would be rehiring their workforce.  Has that happened?

  3. Ian Pearce

    I imagine, in industrial application, companys that invested in Caterpillar equipment have always known that if push came to shove, they should be able to get a few more years out of that up for replacement unit, with not much more than an oil change.  With this I also imagine when the unit finally loses its efficiency they will buy another cat.  How is Manitowok doing?

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