Fishing Hall of Fame to induct Jacobs

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Irwin Jacobs will be inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame today in Birmingham, Ala.

Jacobs will be given the honorary title of “industry innovator” during the ceremony, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

Jacobs founded the Minneapolis-based boat manufacturer Genmar Holdings. in 1978 and served as its CEO until November 2009.

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8 comments on “Fishing Hall of Fame to induct Jacobs

  1. Ken lamain

    Does anything sound a bit odd about this to anyone else?  Would someone remind me what ”industry inovations” were again?

  2. Ian Watson

    Here we go again.  Another positive spin on the life and times of a person who has gotten wealthy off of other people’s pain.  Unbelievable that yet another good thing came to him when the rest of us who have had any dealings with him are suffering.  Got to hand it to him, though.  He must have one heck of a PR person helping with this one. 

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