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BoatU.S. released its annual list of top 10 most popular boat names, and one newcomer to the list stands out.

“Bail Out, the No. 5 pick, clearly speaks volumes about what’s on boaters’ minds,” BoatU.S. president Nancy Michelman said in a statement. “With today’s economic uncertainty, naming a boat Bail Out could indicate that boating is a survival mechanism for the family that will keep them afloat.”

The list is assembled each year by the BoatU.S. boat graphics service, which offers a free library of more than 8,500 boat names.

Here is the top 10 list of most popular boat names:

1. Second Wind

2. Seas the Day

3. Lazy Daze

4. Jolly Roger

5. Bail Out

6. On the Rocks

7. Pegasus

8. Serenity Now

9. Namaste

10. Comfortably Numb


17 comments on “List of most popular boat names released

  1. Nancy

    Our boat is named “The Mutiny”.  To make a long story short, imagine a voyage along the intercoastal from Buloxi to Florida in a 27 ft cruiser, during an extreme cold spell and swells up to 15 feet.  Our twenty-six year marriage was put to the test!

  2. Jim Bower

    We named our boat “Time For Two.”  After a poem for cancer victims.  My wife had breast cancer when we bought the boat.

  3. Mick and Eden

    “Sea of Eden”, if there was a Sea in paradise this is what it would be called, plus my wife loves the reference.

  4. Barbara Korsmo

    My previous husband named his boat The Cicerone. The 24′ O’Day dolphin was built in 1961 when he purchased it at the boat show. He recently found in in Florida with the same name in the process of restoration.
    Cicerone came from Bob’s days at Marquette University. He showed a fatherthe town and the father, the author of “After Black Coffee’, autographed a copy of the book to Bob as “To my wonderful Cicerone”.

  5. summergirl

    My husband and I met a guy in Beaufort, SC who named his boat “She Got the House”. I think that’s just great!

  6. Swabbie

    My favorite is SEICA. Something else I can’t afford. We live on Catawba Island in Ohio and enjoy a good tequila occasionally. Named our boat Catawbo Wabo. Sammy Hagar fans love it!

  7. Kingo

    If BoatU.S. president Nancy Michelman can put that sort of up-spin on the number 5 name ‘Bail Out’, i would really like to know what economic ’spin’ she can think of for the number 6 boat name ‘On The Rocks’ !!!?

  8. Stacy Darlea

    My father named his boat “Never Again” with inter-locking wedding bands.  Of couse this was after the divorce. 

  9. SteveB

    Friends filling out the ‘boat name’ on a new boat purchase form did not have enough room for the name they wanted, so they wrote the name at the bottom of the form and wrote “SEE BELOW” in the boat name space.  You guessed it, when they took delivery of the boat, SEE BELOW was on the transom!

  10. 2dogsfishin

    Our Cal Cruising 46 was named, “SATORI” by the previous owner/builder Jack Jensen. We have kept that name for 28 years now. It describes where we are and have been, 21 years living aboard, 9 years of active cruising. Truly, where we want to be.
    Due to my health issues, we are scaling down our cruising to roaming close to home in Pensacola. I am completing our 22′ panga, which we have named, “ODAAT”, an acronym for One Day At A Time.

  11. Mike Harris

    my name is Mike Harris. I live in Beaufort SC. I just saw my old boat name above Called “She got the House”. I’ve had nine boats sense then I also had a sailboat called “Blow Me” and one called “Reason Y” the last boat I told my wife I was going to the store to get a loaf of bread and ended up sailing to the Keys for a year and three months. she was waiting on me when I got back. we’re still married today. If you really want some good boat names you should read my funny boating poems. just Google “floatingpoet” and find me at The name Floatingpoet was given to me by a 104.1 fm in Key West on the Biz Baz show.

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