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A U.S. Senate candidate from Connecticut is taking some heat for the name of her boat.

Linda McMahon, a Republican, has a 47-foot performance powerboat named “Sexy Bitch.” The campaign of Republican Rep. Rob Simmons, who is running against McMahon in the Senate GOP primary, e-mailed a column about the boat’s name to reporters last week, The Hill newspaper reports.

McMahon stepped down last year as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Former Democratic Sen. Gary Hart was linked to a yacht infamously named “Monkey Business.” Photos later showed the married presidential candidate aboard the boat with a 28-year-old model named Donna Rice, promptly ending his hopes for the presidency.

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10 comments on “Below deck: candidate’s boat is named …

  1. X-Rayer

    She would have my vote if I were a regestered voter in Conn. After all most vessels on water have alway’s been refered to as a SHE. “She is a great boat” or “The fighting Lady” etc.

  2. Capt. Ed

    The boat is documented under her husbands name with a Florida address and hailing port. I don’t see where it is anyones business what her husband names his boat. I also think the fact  that they are a boating family is a good thing.
    Capt. Ed

  3. jim m

    The more important question might be “is the ex CEO of WWE wrestling a good candidate for Senator”? This is the real world, not make believe.

  4. David MacDonald

    Worrying about meaningless superficial fecal matter is what the majority of politicians do! They certainly do not worry about or expend energy on matters that would be of benefit to their constituents. Please do not bring up healthcare as that is a prime example of their follies, it will bankrupt the country and it will only aggravate this country’s healthcare problem.
     I hope she is different and wins…and I hope she is aware of and fights for FairTax…enacting that would be the best thing that could happen to this country. It is time for “We the people” to educate ourselves and vote in responsible politicians…after all they are our SERVANTS!!  Better to have a house with an intelligent sexy bitch, than a house FULL of incompotent sons of bit….!!

  5. Dave D

    WWE has some of the best marketing and business savy out there. We could use someone with that kind of background in D.C.  None of the clowns already there could run a business

  6. marintek

    Who’s the “Sexy Bitch” Mrs. Mc.Mahon or the boat ? I tend to agree with jim m’s comment above, although I do not condone the action of her colleague Rob Simmons “snitching”. I bet he’s got dirty laundry not exposed…yet. Most politicians do, the holier and the purer the worse….. There’s a lot of cases in the history of both political parties of unspeakable deeds, from the people that were elected to lead by example.

  7. David Mcclaskey

    It really does not matter about what her toys are called. It matters how she preforms in the Senate. Will she demand a special interest rate on a loan for her toys, like the clown she wants to replace?

  8. MBD

    Not to stir the pot as I actually have interest in what she can bring to the table but is the boat kept in CT for more than 6 months of the year? If so, she is required by state law to register the boat in CT and pay the necessary sales tax in CT. The only reason people register boats in FL is to skirt CT taxes. Would not be good for her campaign.

  9. MBD

    One major correction,
    It is required to be registered and taxes paid if used in CT waters for more than 60 days, not 6 months.

  10. Hooligan

    The last politician that came out of the wrestling profession, Jesse Ventura, was a pretty good Governor and straightened out a lot of Minnesota’s problems, but then he was also an ex SEAL.  This person has a business background and if you check history they seldom do well in politics.

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