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With a new company and a new title, J&D Acquisitions chairman Irwin Jacobs talks to Soundings Trade Only about how his business will help dealers, what went wrong with Genmar, and what is different this time around.

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4 comments on “Industry voices: Irwin Jacobs

  1. Chris

    I’m not sure how it can be considered “factory” showrooms if it’s being held at another dealer’s facility. I know I wouldn’t send my customers to another dealer’s facility to shop for a boat.

  2. Pedro del Rio

    Tsunami? How many hundreds of people got screwed because this supposedly smart guy didn’t grasp the cyclical nature of the boating industry? More like bankruptcy as a business plan. I wonder if Mr. Jacobs is even aware that one boat manufacturer with a U.S. staff of, I’m guessing, 80 people, didn’t have to layoff a single employee during the same ”tsunami.”
    Here’s what Nordhavn president, Dan Streech said, “Nobody likes to see a downturn of this magnitude, but while other builders have been pulling back, closing factories, or failing, we have been busy designing, developing, building and introducing new models. We’ve used the time to upgrade our work force and talent by hiring the best and the brightest from other companies. In other words, we’ve taken advantage of the downturn to strengthen our company’s human resources and our Nordhavn brand.”
    Too bad Mr. Jacobs workships at another altar altogether–a mirror.

  3. Parke Brinkley

    Chris- I think any yachtbuilder that continues to sell through a dealer network will have to come up with creative ways to get the boats in front of potential customers.  Floor plan financing for a full lineup of yachts just isn’t a viable option for a lot of dealers (or manufacturers) right now.  Large, solvent dealers with good on-water locations and lots of operating cash may increasingly be asked to serve as “master dealers”, “factory showrooms”, etc., and other dealers who don’t want to stock the full line can either sell from the catalog or bring their customers to the master dealer to see the boat.    I think some manufacturers, like Regal, will do it in-house, while others may look to super-dealers to make it a reality.

  4. John The Carp Killer

    Master Dealer Showrooms will be the curse of any dealer thats stupid enough to take a customer off his own turf. Do you think the hot-shot salesmen at the Master Dealer’s place is anything but a Shark ready to take your lead away?  Don’t  turn your back! The salesmen I know down south would sell their own Grandmother to make one more sale. Don’t waste your money on this one Erwin. It’s Just free floor plan for the big guy. Do a good video that the dealer can use in his own Showroom instead. The Factory would be the best sales tool, it always has been for the big boat buyer.

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