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Irwin Jacobs, chairman of FLW Outdoors, recently issued an open letter to the bass fishing community in which he addressed the challenging environment and the change in ownership of Ranger and more.

In the letter, Jacobs states that FLW Outdoors is currently “in the final stages” of reviewing its logo policy, and that further changes are forthcoming,” BassFan.com reports.

The letter states, in part:

“FLW Outdoors, like most other businesses, has been affected by the downturn in the economy and again we are doing the best we can to overcome these challenging times and stay healthy for the future. Yes, this has meant cutbacks in areas of our business as well.”

“I want to encourage anglers to be aggressive and creative in finding ways to self-promote, whether through Web sites, social networks or within our television show and magazine whenever possible. Fans need and want individuals to support and follow.”

“We recognize the importance of this for both the fans as well as the anglers and realize this has been difficult in the past for anglers who are not sponsor-compliant with our current logo rules. Our logo rules have played a very important and valuable role in FLW Outdoors’ history. However, the landscape of our sport has changed quite dramatically and we are in the final stages of reviewing our current logo requirements in order to help the anglers promote themselves more effectively under the FLW Outdoors umbrella.”

“I don’t think it is a secret that I got into the fishing tournament business for the purpose of marketing and promoting the Ranger Boat Company. While this original purpose has changed since the recent purchase of Ranger, Stratos and Champion boats by Platinum Equity, I can promise you that I am as committed to growing FLW Outdoors as I was the day I bought Operation Bass 15 years ago, which ultimately was renamed FLW Outdoors.”

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10 comments on “Jacobs addresses FLW Outdoors future

  1. stan

    let’s be ignorant mr jacobs you only went into flw to promote ranger boats not the loyal stratos owners or champion owners [just the only prized golden child ] yes all boat companies aided in profit and losses .

  2. Wisconsin fishing

    I do think that the voices of a lot of the people who would be impacted by such a decision were not heard, while the voices of groups that have a track record of opposing thses kind of activities were given a loud voice.

  3. CJ

    Your right it can be boring, who hasn’t had a friend or employer that was stuck on the “I” but in this case “I” think it’s important that we learn exactly what IJ is thinking and planning. If he gets his head straight and puts together a good business and marketing plan he will have a company that dealers will be able to make money with.
    Over the past decades I have met quite a few dealers and vendors that have made a Great Deal of money with Irwin and his companies. Maybe again if he does it right????CJ

  4. Will

    we had alot of concern they pulled our trail in the NY area an want ya to fish the stren or travel down south to fish half the tournaments, that just gives the locals a chance to whip on people that don’t have the money or the time off work to travel all that distance, It’s all about padding their pockets, I’m familar with the waters the strent series is fishing but just can’t swing the entry fees quite yet, an if they can’t look out for the little fellows they don’t need our business. Their are alot of guys switching to fishing bass weekend series at least they set it up where people can afford to do it on their own. I know alot of northern people are pretty uptight with FLW Outdoors an won’t be fishing many of their tournaments I was in the BFL division up here an know some stren guys that are mad and aren’t gonna fish this year neither. I wish someone would come out with an organization that benifits the little guys not just the pros. Yes we all would love to be fishing for $100,000 on a weekend but without the big backers it’s not going to happen. Enjoy your fishing this year the weather is breaking around here finally, an the fishing should start pretty soon. Keep the Lines tight an be safe of the water.

  5. Livi

    A regular participant in the (now gone) Redman Tournament Trail was among those Amature guys who had no sponsors, and fished with hope that he weighed in enough to cover his entry fee ands travel expenses.  He stayed with it and qualified for the Redman All American Tournament when he was a college student.  I stumbled upon the posts here-in.  It made me sad when I learned the FLW, etc. had changed.  All of you great guys/gals who find some peace, away from the challenges of life, on the water, talking to nature, and watching for that elusive fish…be it a largemouth black bass, walleye. or simple little mullet swiming by. I do believe there will come a day when those, who believe in the Amature angler, will create a Tour Trail (so to speak) to make it possible for an angler to compete and just might “fish enough to win some”, and get his/her name out there just like……..that college student did.  He turned Pro…did good….and is enjoying an ongoing profession in the marine industry.   His Mom,  MissLivi

  6. marketing plan?

    CJ – Irwin and marketing plan don’t go together.  ILJ flies by the seat of his pants and planning is not part of his plan.
    I think it’s hilarious that in a different story he refers to “corporate” providing almost no value yet he has the same business model with FLW and still does to this day.  He has “corporate” in Minneapolis who provide no value as well while the true hard workers who are out of KY get to foot the bill for them.
    Sad.  Bottom line is this: Fishing is not a fan based sport.  Yes, a lot of people love to fish and some like to casually follow the “pros” but this isn’t NASCAR folks.  Never going to be.  This thing is so bloated I can smell it from here.

  7. Michael Grove

    I fished the Red Man Tournament Trail for 20 years and when Irwin bought it, has made it better yet.
    The weekend angler can still fish the BFL at a low entry fee level with a decent payback and a nice championship event.
    BASS never had this. It was either full pro or the 500 dollar co angler events!
    FLW has some of the best staff and operation managers in the business,Folks don’t realize how much work there is to put on these events.
    I appreciate everything they have done to bring all of these tournaments to us.
    Michael Grove of Wapakoneta,Ohio

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