MRAA wants members to fight health care bill

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The Marine Retailers Association of America is urging its members to contact their congressional representatives and tell them they want Congress to “start over on health care reform and work on a true bipartisan basis to write a health care plan that is wanted by America.”

The House leadership is in the final days to push a health care bill through the House of Representatives. A tentative date of March 18 has been set in the House. On this date, the House Democratic leadership will attempt to first approve the already-passed Senate bill, which clears the path for President Obama to sign comprehensive health care reform into law, the MRAA said.

Then using a legislative procedure called reconciliation, the House will vote on a second bill that makes changes to the Senate bill. It is unclear what those changes will be at this time, according to the MRAA.

“MRAA supports the need for health care reform, but strongly opposes the bills before the Congress. MRAA believes the bills will: increase health care costs; increase health care premiums for small business and individuals as up to 40 million uninsured Americans come into the system; increase taxes to cover the increased costs and increased government involvement.”

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24 comments on “MRAA wants members to fight health care bill

  1. Doug

    How exactly would you allow 40 million uninsured Americans to come into the system without something increasing?  Americans really are not as stupid as the right thinks they are. Does the MRAA really support the need for health care reform or are they happy with the status quo?  As an organization that deals almost exclusively with better off, insured clients and buyers, there credibility on this matter should be suspect.

  2. watcher

    This is too political for me. How do you get a “true bipartisan basis” when one party has consistently, to a person, toed one line and shown zero flexibility. no wonder the bill is a mess.

  3. Jac Citera

    Since the bill does none of what you say it will do means you’ve bought into the lies coming from the people who have been paid off by the health care industry to project those lies.  AND, real health care reform in this country begins and ends with a Single Payer System or at the very least a Public Option.  Why should a company make a profit off of my health?  Why should a Health Insurance Company make 2.8 BILLION dollars in profit and then raise their rates four times as fast as my salary has increased?  Why should this nation allow 47,000 people to die every year because they don’t have health insurance?  Why are 56% of all bankruptcies in this country related to lack of or lack of inadequate health care?  The obstructionists in the House and Senate are blocking the bill at the bidding of the health insurance companies and in the case of the Republican party to delegitimize the President and his agenda; don’t buy into their bilge water!

  4. Greig

    The MRAA has the insurance companies deep in their pockets.  You would think that they would be supporting small businesses who are and have been getting screwed by the insurance companies for a long time.  This health care bill may not be what we would all like to see, but it is a start.  We can’t afford to wait another 16 years.

  5. Jim EZ

    MRAA are you idiots?
    Should we leave the 40 million uninsured to fend for themselves? How many employed or formerly employed by MARINE RELATED BUSINESSES don’t have health insurance. How many MARINE RELATED BUSINESSES have severely cut back on health insurance? Or do the employees not count?
    Give me a break, you’ve been watching too much Glenn Beck lately or have no compassion except for the few large dealerships that can afford to line your pockets all the way to Vegas and back. The MRAA represents the big boys of this insdustry not the mom and pop operations which are the real backbone.
    You guys sound like a bunch of bankers or shrills for the health care industry.

  6. Daniel

    I find MRAA’s position on this issue extremely disappointing. Makes me wonder 1.) if they know what there priorities are, 2.) if they have been living in a bubble for the past 20 years sipping purple kool-aid.
    -A proud (and very lonely) Republican boater

  7. Megan

    I am so grateful to come on here and see that people are not supporting the MRAA’s stance. I wondered to myself, “why does the MRAA have any say in this issue?”.  Of course, politics as usual. I urge Trade Only to stop giving them a platform.

  8. Lefty

    If the MRAA wants reform as they say they do they should tell their buddies at The Club to quit stonewalling. Too much cigar smoke and scotch. That’s what’s wrong with the health care system.

  9. joequiet

    MRAA is wrong!   We need to support this healthcare bill now.   MRAA suggestion to start from scratch is a suggestion to wait another 20 years.
    Now is the time for all good men (and women) to support passage by reconcilliation!

  10. David86732

    MRAA is dead wrong! Small businesses throughout this country will benefit from the current proposed health care legislation. I urge MRAA to stop drinking the cool-aid, listen to the facts, and endorse this legislation.

  11. davide

    funny, all comments from the same side and most americans dont want this mess of a bill rammed down there throats.

  12. sick and tired

    MRAA ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The only reason anyone would claim that this bill is being rammed down thier throat is because they have good coverage and don’t care about anybody else. What happened to an America where we all helped each other and greed was not the driving force. Wait till you get laid off after working for 25 years and the only insurance available with a minor pre-existing condition costs $24,000 a year that’s right. Unless you’re employed (then health insurance companies have to accept you) or are completely healthy, you can’t get coverage that has any real benefits. $10,000 deductibles, 70/30 splits, emergency room additional deductables of $2,500. and the list goes on. You obviously have not applied recently for health coverage. Insurance companies don’t want you period ! if you pose a future health risk that they may have to pay for. What the heck is health insurance for then. Go take a look at any company such as BCBS and see how many plans their are to choose from. You need any attorney to understand what is and what is not covered. If you get sick in the first 24 months of most health policies and the insurance company can link something in your previous health record that may be related to your current condition, or even if a doctor had made a note suggesting that you may have had a related symtom before,  they won’t cover the claim. You don’t have a clue about the holes in our health care system or have felt the stress related to knowing that if you get sick you could lose your house to doctor bills or lose your life because no one will help you with out an insurance card. Get real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jim EZ

    Most Americans do want this bill to pass. Health care is so screwed up now that something has to be done.
    There has been no reform of health care for over 40 years. The status quo is bankrupting this country and hurting not only the little guy but the employeers too. If an employee can not offer good comprehensive health care to his employees than how will he attract good, qualified employees? What happens if they get sick or injured with substandard health insurance, or none?
    During this entire process the Republican side sat on their hands, did nothing, offered nothing. During their majority in Congress they did nothing. So now as the final hours draw near they are leading the cry to start over? Excuse me for being cynical. They could have worked with the Democrats from the very beginning and drafted good bi-partisan legislation. But no they were more interested in seeing this president fail than looking out for the good of this nation.
    As one insurance industry insider in an interview last week, why should we stick our necks out for the public to lop off, the Republicans will fight our battles for us.
    What does that tell you?

  14. ZYXW

    In other words, the MRAA doesn’t care one twit about their employees. Healthcare reform is essential if the industry is to develop and maintain a strong workforce.

  15. Jeremy

    What a pleasant surprise to see most of the comments against the position advocated by the MRAA. Perhaps the 3 to 1 opposition to health care reform universally touted by Republican politicians, the Fox nation, tea partiers..etc is not completely accurate. Other independent polling indicates a roughly even split among the American people. When health reform opponents ask to “start from scratch”, what they really want to do is nothing. Can we really afford another decade or more of our current dysfunctional health “system”? I think not.

  16. Jeff

    I think it is funny how certain political parties claim that people don’t want health care reform based on the people they interview.  I see that after reading the first 10 posts, everyone wants some form of reform.  I also think it is funny that the republican party is against it for many reasons, one being it will hurt medicare.  The republician party was against medicare when it was approved back 30 years ago.  Now again they are against the reform of healthcare.  I think it is more of a political “NO” then a lets do whats best for the USA.  We need to stop voting things down as a political game and do the jobs they are paid to do.  They are more worried about feeding the people with the deep pockets who support their campains then the average Joe, or Joe the Plumber, as they liked to reference.

  17. Will Simon

    This country needs universal, single payer health care to be able to move into the 21st century.
    At the same time, we also need to do much more to encourage healthy diets and life-styles.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the marine industry comes in: we provide the seafood.  Also, non-motorized watercraft provide excellent exercise, and once someone gets hooked on boating, they can’t resist moving up to something better, whether it’s a larger sailboat, a longer kayak, or an improved rowing boat.

  18. JS

    Are you kidding? You are all acting like this health care bill won’t cost you a dime. Oh, it will, and it will be the federal government taking it instead of the insurance companies, and we all know how good the government is a handling your money. The politicians will take care of themselves, and you’ll still be footing the bill for nothing. And don’t blame the Republicans. Blame all of Washington for inaction. If they had pushed through tort reform and across-state-line insurance competition, for example, wouldn’t that have been a step in the right direction? But the Democrats (and the fair share of Republicans, I’m sure) just let the lobbyist fight it out.
    Americans need health care reform, but not this nightmare of a bill. Doing something for the sake of change is not smart. Real reform is.

  19. john ennis

    The boating industry is treading water..and all its leadership can think about is health care..Throw me a PFD

  20. amazed

    Reform is needed.  There are atrocities occurring every day in this country.  However, has anyone who has posted a comment actually read the more than 2,000 page bill?  I have read part of it – scary what they can hide in all of those dead trees.  A few things to ponder . . .
    1. What are the politicians actually voting on?  The President, the Senate, and the House each have their own version.  And how many of the politicians know what they are voting for or against?  Did you know that all legislation that raises taxes must orginate in the House?  The Senate took H.R. 3950 (The Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009) which had already passed the House, then switched the language in H.R. 3590 and replaced it with the Senate’s version of the health care reform bill in order to satisfy the above requirement.  (Follow this link for a history of the bill:|/bss/111search.html|)  This makes me wonder what else the average American does not know about this bill.
    2. How are we (yes, you and me) going to pay for this?  We each have to make difficult decisions in our daily business and personal lives to stay afloat.  We cannot print money to make our debts go away.  Our prices must reflect what the market will bear, otherwise we might as well put up the “Closed” sign for good.  Do you really believe that the politicians in Washington DC are going to SAVE three years worth of taxing you and me to use when the program begins in 2014?  Excuse my cynicism, but I just do not beleive that will happen.
    3. Last, but certainly not least, if this new health care plan is so wonderful, why do so few of the politicians support the idea of requiring Representatives, Senators, and other government employees to partake as their health insurance plan?  Seems they are awfully quick to take away our freedoms, but they do not want to give up theirs.

  21. Tim

    Maybe by redistributing the wealth, everybody will be able to afford a boat…or maybe not.
    I guess we better depend on the government to ensure everyone is equal so everyone can own a boat. That would be bliss…or maybe not.
    I think everyone deserves a boat…don’t you?

  22. Arch

    I think some LIB surfing the net came across this story and then invited brought it to the attention of ACORN.  Who are all these people on here that support this bill?  I bet many aren’t even in the business, and few if any are self employed.
    YES, REFORM IS NEEDED, but it’s a fact that most of the public does not support this bill.
    Republicans don’t contend that 3 our of 4 americans don’tsupport it.  They go by polls done by independent pollsters. The numbers are more like 60/40 against, or 55/45 against.  If you take the moochers out of the equation, then i’s probably 2 to 1 against.
    THE FACT IS, WE CAN”T AFFORD IT!  That is indisputable.  We should just change a few of the rules (the 3 or 4 most Americans want changed), make it effective much sooner than dems are proposing, and then look at it again later.

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