Volvo Penta adds membership online forum

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Volvo Penta of the Americas recently launched the Volvo Penta IPS Owners Community.

Created for Volvo Penta IPS owners of U.S. and Canadian-built boats, the online community keeps owners in the loop with exclusive updates, information forums and a fun place to share their experiences with Volvo Penta and other owners.

“The IPS owner is passionate about their boat and the unique advantages provided by Volvo Penta IPS. We created this exclusive site just for them. Here, they can learn about the latest engineering and design trends, get operating and service tips from Volvo Penta professionals and participate in owner-only forums,” president and CEO Clint Moore said in a statement.

“Plus, the forum is a direct way for Volvo Penta to take advantage of real-time feedback from customers who are using and enjoying our system,” he added.

Membership to the site is currently only available to owners of North American built boats powered by Volvo Penta IPS.

Click here to visit the site.

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2 comments on “Volvo Penta adds membership online forum

  1. Capt.Tom

    It is great that they have created this site and that the IPS owner is passionate about their boat and the unique advantages provided by Volvo Penta IPS. I would hope that they would open it up to the general public because I am sure that people that are considering the purchase of their system would look forward to reading those tips and some of that “real-time” feedback regarding things like – just how long it takes to clear those forward facing props when they suckup a crab pot or how do I get 1,500+ feet of fishing line off of my drive when I cross too close to a trolling fisherman. These types of everyday things in addition to all of the Marketing Hype. 

  2. Ned

    Capt Tom,
    Non-owners can access the site.  Just make up an engine serial number and you’re in.  Simple.  Problem is there is not much there just yet.  I’d like to know about maintenance intervals and longevity.

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