ABYC teaching gas-engine certification course

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The American Boat & Yacht Council will conduct its first certification class covering the newly revised gas-engine certification course April 20-23 at the Columbia Crossings Marina in Portland, Ore.

“ABYC has been working diligently for almost 18 months to extensively revise this course and its accompanying study guide to reflect the latest in technology and work force demand for a more rigorous and inclusive course,” said Ed Sherman, ABYC’s curriculum developer, senior instructor and marine systems author, in a statement. “We are particularly proud to be debuting the course on the West Coast, where it has been in demand for quite some time.”

The four-day certification course, taught by Sherman, is designed to provide technicians with a broad-based and technical standards-based knowledge of gas engines, drive systems and outboard engines.

The fee for this certification course is $885 for ABYC members and $1,030 for non-members, which includes the cost for the certification examination. However, for this inaugural course, ABYC is offering a two-for-one price policy.

To take advantage of the two-for-one offer, contact Cris Gardner, education manager and registrar at (410) 990-4460, Ext. 33.

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