Marlow challenges fellow builders to trans-Atlantic contest

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David Marlow, of passagemaker builder Marlow Yachts, has challenged at least eight other manufacturers to a trans-Atlantic race for bragging rights to the best in speed and fuel efficiency.

“We believe that our yachts will go further and faster on less fuel, easily outdistancing any similar type vessel with similar power,” Marlow said in a statement.

Marlow has chosen his Voyager 76LR, which was unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show, for the proposed “Ocean Challenge.” He says the modified semidisplacement hull with delta-shaped bow will cruise 30 percent faster than a displacement hull while maintaining efficient fuel consumption until cruising far past displacement speed capabilities.

At least eight builders have been formally challenged to race non-stop nearly 4,000 miles from West Palm Beach, Fla., to Reykjavik, Iceland. Companies include Fleming, Grand Banks, Kadey-Krogen, Nordhavn, Ocean Alexander, Offshore, Outer Reef and Selene.

Entrants would be required to place $50,000 in escrow, with a winner-take-all prize for the victor.

Most of the builders contacted by Soundings Trade Only declined to comment but privately indicated little willingness to participate.

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4 comments on “Marlow challenges fellow builders to trans-Atlantic contest

  1. Admiral Sandy

    You can test fuel efficiency and speed withouth going all the way to England!
    We have, perhaps that’s why David Marlowe has not challenged us!!

  2. Alan Carr

    Alot relates to the equipment in the vessel.  For example, we have seen vessels pick up additional speed and use far less fuel with the Evolution Marine Shaft Systems.

  3. Vagabond

    Mr. Alan Carr is correct in that the Evolution Marine Shaft Design should increase efficiency by enclosing the shaft. I have no personal experience but have heard good things of it.
    Not sure what Admiral Sandy speaks of but might suggest she/he write Marlow and provide qualifications under what appear to be simple rules in the Challenge Press Release. I understand it is open to any production builder using the stock liquids capacity in a standard model.


    i cannot give my name or company because some people in this endevor are friends of mine and i am in the industry and still like to make money ,,, BUT,,,,what a joke to say that a toy that uses up natural resources in a way that these machines do,,, for no other reason than the frivolous entertainment of a tiny fraction of people, is in some way helping the planet by efficincy.
    i am in favor of people buying these products, believe me,, it employs a lot of people and gets the money of the wealthy in circulation,, but these ways of explaining how you are going to burn 90 gallons of diesel an hour and do the people on earth a favor are stupid.
    just build and sell the product and don’t create waves for the general public to exploit that make us look foolish.
    todays WALL STREET JOURNAL has a great article on a russian’s yacht that is well known,,, a friend and i were joking at lunch at how much it costs to run the generators for a year,,,,, we figured  3.7 million in diesel fuel,,,,, help me explain this to my employes,,, just be quiet, and build your boats,,,

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