Remembering the Titanic tragedy

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Just before midnight on April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank in less than three hours in the early hours of April 15. Now, on the 98th anniversary, a new book adds new details to the drama.

The much-chronicled maiden voyage of the “unsinkable” ocean liner resulted in the death of 1,517 of the 2,223 people on board. The ship had a total lifeboat capacity of 1,178 people.

The book, “101 Things You Thought You Knew About The Titanic … But Didn’t,” claims a near collision as the ship set off from the docks could have averted the sinking and that the crew did not send out a distress signal until 45 minutes after the iceberg collision.

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2 comments on “Remembering the Titanic tragedy

  1. Watersport4all

    very nice that there are still people who remember the past and honor still keep intact.greets,team: Watersport4all

  2. Robert

    You’re math leaves a bit to be desired. It is well known that only 705 passengers survived. It is the generally accepted knowledge that there were 2,208 Passengers aboard as not all the passengers on the passenger list made it onboard, and some refused to sail because of premonitions they had. And that 1503 went with the ship. I appreciated the fact that you are trying to remind the world of  this disaster, but please have your facts in order before doing so.

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