J&D Acquisitions pushes back 2011 introductions

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J&D Acquisitions is moving the 2011 model-year introductions for its Larson, Seaswirl, FinCraft and Triumph brands to September 2010, the company announced.

These brands have traditionally introduced new models on or before July 1.

“Moving the 2011 model-year introductions to September will allow our dealers to continue to sell and order new 2010 products during the height of the retail selling season without being concerned that 2011 products will interfere with and/or depreciate the value of their 2010 boat inventories,” company chairman Irwin Jacobs said in a statement.

For years, Jacobs has been an advocate of pushing back model-year introductions from the summer to the fall.

“I am pleased that we are starting to see some encouraging signs that the market has stabilized and we have begun to see consumers getting excited again about boating and out shopping for new boats,” he said, adding that moving the model year back will allow dealers to take advantage of this momentum.

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4 comments on “J&D Acquisitions pushes back 2011 introductions

  1. Comrade Karl

    Model year is part of the big problem. If we are going to be like Euorpe, it looks like more & more, lets act like they do. They don’t have model years on a  new boat. A new boat  is a new boat.
    How are the J&D brands going to do agianst the other brands in the market that are recieving 2011’s now???

  2. Andrew

    Brunswick Boat Group made an annoucement a week ago they were holding off new model intro until the Fall as well.
    We’ll see if the others care enough about their dealers to hold off as well on new model introductions for retail sales.
    At this point, many OEM’s are finally realizing the best way to stay in business is to help their dealers remain profitable and in business!

  3. Capt. Woody

    J & D needs to concentrate on helping it’s dealer network sell all of their old inventory first.  It will be hard to get dealers to buy more when there is old inventory on the lot.

  4. ian watson

    As I’ve stated many times previously, I hope that Irwin folds like a weak tent in the wind.  He deserves nothing good.  He has ruined the lives of many of his former employees – none of which did he offer to move to Minnesota when he relocated some of the boat companies that he bought back for pennies on the dollar.  He has also ruined many of his former dealers.  Any dealer thinking that they’re going to get rich dealing with this man should think again.  May he fail, and fail miserably.  Nothing good will come of anything that he is at the bottom of.  I just feel sorry for his partner, Mr. DeJoria.  Poor guy didn’t know the riff-raff he was dealing with. Mark my words:  a year from now there will be no more Jacobs boating companies in existence.

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