MRAA seeks Senate support for dealer amendment

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The Marine Retailers Association of America is asking its members to contact certain U.S. senators in support of the Brownback Boat Dealer Amendment.

Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, has filed two amendments, one exempting auto dealers only and one exempting auto, RV and boat dealers, from the Senate Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Bill.

The bill’s language is similar to the Consumer Financial Protection Act already passed by the House of Representatives. The consumer act contains exemption language for auto dealers only.

It is expected the Senate will debate and vote on its bill by Thursday night.

Brownback will offer the amendment that includes boat and RV dealers only if he hears from Democratic senators voicing their support for the bill.

The MRAA asks dealers to contact their senators in several key states by calling the general switchboard number of the U.S. Senate at (202) 224-3121, and ask to speak to your senator’s staff person working on the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Bill.

Key Democratic contacts include the senators from Indiana, Arkansas, Maryland, Michigan, Delaware, Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Colorado, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Missouri, Connecticut and Nebraska.

“The boating industry is just seeing the beginning of an economic recovery with credit still near impossible to obtain for many consumers from many banks,” the MRAA said in its release.

“[D]on’t make it harder for consumer to buy a boat by significantly increasing the reporting requirements of boat dealers not involved in providing financing of boats,” the MRAA added.

Anyone needing help contacting their Democratic senator should e-mail MRAA’s Washington representative Larry Innis at


4 comments on “MRAA seeks Senate support for dealer amendment

  1. Catherine

    The Federal government is out to shut down businesses like the marine industry; we are burning too much non essential fossil fuel and consuming carbon credits.  We can make green marinas and jump thru hoops and dance the boogaloo but until all the power hungry politicians are voted out, we are in serious trouble.  Congress and the Senate should have some hard working, honest boat dealers with common sense that truly care about America in office, the country would be a whole lot better off! 

  2. Stephen W Arnold

    Short and sweet – Let’s not put one more challenge in place for dealers and consumers – it’s counterproductive to say the least.  Free markets should prevail!

  3. john Ennis

    If you have solid evidence about this so called conspracy I’d like to hear it. Otherwise you are like many other voices on the internet…Loud but no substance.

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