EPA delays E15 decision until fall

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The Environmental Protection Agency will delay until the fall a decision on whether more ethanol than the current 10 percent limit can be blended into gasoline, according to media reports.

The EPA had been expected to render its decision this month. Growth Energy, an organization representing the nation’s ethanol producers, has petitioned the EPA for a waiver to allow ethanol blends of up to 15 percent.

An EPA statement, provided to Dow Jones Newswires, said more testing still needs to be conducted on cars to see how they run on a 15 percent ethanol blend. EPA said preliminary results “look good,” and Department of Agriculture officials called that good news for the ethanol industry.

Many boating industry organizations, including the NMMA and BoatU.S., have been urging the EPA to base its decision on sound scientific data, and contend that higher ethanol levels could cause serious damage to boat engines.

E10 has led to the disintegration of fiberglass fuel tanks, the gumming up of fuel lines, and piston and valve failure. These problems have raised concerns among boating safety advocates.

The federal government set a 10 percent limit on ethanol about three decades ago.

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2 comments on “EPA delays E15 decision until fall

  1. dave

    once again those wizards at the EPA cowtow to the industry, one that uses more energy to manufacture the product than the product will deliver.  Nothing in the article about boats, RVs motorcycles or small power equipment.
    Even more ridiculous is the idea that EPA will look at scientific data and reality in their decision.
    How many boats and engines will need to be rebuilt and at whose expense??  Kind of like the cooling water containment of a few months back they talked about.
    Is there no one at the EPA that has a boat?

  2. By Bob

    What can you expect from a bunch of morons that are running OUR
    country to RUINS.  Maybe we will have a NEW CZAR looking into
    the ETHANOL E-15 farce.  He will probably be a WIZARD that lives
    on Oceanfront property in COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS !!!!!

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