New motor vehicle tax would include trailers

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Congress is considering legislation that would assess a manufacturer fee on every motor vehicle sold, including trailers, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reports.

The fee would be assessed quarterly on manufacturers and would go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to fund its vehicle safety operations.

The NMMA recommends that members call or send a note to their elected representatives in Congress, urging that the fee be eliminated for trailers.

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6 comments on “New motor vehicle tax would include trailers

  1. Chris Foster

    Sounds like the first attempt at a Value Added Tax. Get ready to become more European and more socialist. The Obama administration is determined to make government a bigger part of your life.

  2. Robert NorVelle

    The President just can’t seem to stop throwing gasoline on the fire that is our crumbling economy.  Somehow he believes that heaping more financial burden on our staggering industries is the answer. I suggest he consider halting his reckless spending instead. If we can’t sell boats and trailers at the present price levels, how is raising the prices going to help?
    Gasoline on the fire !!!

  3. ecjr

    Ha ha ha You haven’t seen anything yet. You guys are fat rich yachties, and you are gonna pay!!!
    It appears to me that the current administration is doing everything in it’s power to destroy American business. Instead of socialist taxing and giving away, I would much rather see an Industrial Policy put in place (not for health insurers or bankers), but for American Industry. Something that would make it illegal for bankers to auction off machinery to scrappers and foreign interests, and make it illegal for foreign interests to own more than a 49 % interest in any U.S. soil asset holding company. 2 countries in the world have an Industrial Policy, they are Germany and China. Both with cash positive economies and manufacturing. Both with low unemployment and productive peoples. We have to get away from Education, Wall Street, and back to work and ethics.

  4. Capt Brett

    We saw this one coming and we are still in the beginning stages.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it:   the annointed one and his clowns all think that we should all drive little electric cars and spend our liesure time in the government provided local parks.  They feel that there is no need for us to have boats and RVs for recreation.
    We are going to struggle for a few years and boating will become an elitist hobby like in the early 70s and again early 80s and again early 90s….   The Dems will just keep taxing us and taxing us and taxing us…….
    Just think how these stupid little taxes are going have a trickle down affect on our economy…..

  5. Jim Bower

    As a boat builder and small business owner, I have watched my net worth and income plumet for the last two years.  Almost to the point of financial ruin.
    My stock investments and real estate investment have likewise fallen.
    I place the blame for the US current economic problems directly on our politicians.  Overspending, over taxing, encouraging Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac to make loans to unqualified people.  The wholesale destruction of our economy.
    There is only one solution.  Remember when you vote.  It is not about the party.  It is about the personal intergrity of the elected official.  Vote responsible people in and irresponsible ones out of office.
    I worry for our great nation.

  6. john ennis

    Here we go again…right versus left..Hey..don’t you know that “Politician” is just another word for whore..and when we go to the polls that is who we are voting for. It makes no difference what party you favor…who ever is elected will probably screw you royaly. Vote for the individual not the party…and before you even go to the polls spend at least 8 hours looking into their background and comparing what they said to what they did.  It’s called research..something a large segment of the population has relegated to others because they are too lazy to do it themselves.. You reap what you sow

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