NMMA board votes to end redirection of Grow Boating funds

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As the industry explores recasting its Discover Boating campaign, the NMMA’s boat manufacturers divisional board voted June 1 to end the redirection of Grow Boating assessments.

The 85 percent redirection of Grow Boating assessments to manufacturers, approved in October 2008 by the NMMA board of directors, will end July 1. The halt will last at least through Dec. 30 while a decision is made on the assessments.

During the next few months, the Grow Boating board of directors will recruit an agency to help develop a marketing strategy based on shifts in how consumers decide on purchases in the post-recession economy. A new research and marketing campaign proposal is expected to be ready by fall.

“In the last two years in this recession, a lot has changed,” NMMA and Grow Boating president Thom Dammrich told Soundings Trade Only. “So I don’t think we can just go back to marketing the way we did.”

The Marine Retailers Association of America’s board of directors passed a motion April 23 asking that full funding be restored to the Grow Boating program and redirection of engine assessments be halted.

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2 comments on “NMMA board votes to end redirection of Grow Boating funds

  1. Curtis

    Like the manufactures did anything with the funds to promote their product.
    Just lined their pockets

  2. Bryan Tuckey

    So we all, dealers, pay a “Grow Boating Fund” on each motor, and boat we order, to advertise our industry and try and make more customers want to boat! This is a good idea! National Marine MANUFACTURERS of America. Is anyone surprised that they wanted the money for themselves?
    On another note, I was thinking of hiring Bernie Madoff as my accountant, and Roseanne Barr as my personal trailer and dietitian. Does anyone think this could be a bad idea?

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