Tropical Storm Alex expected to become a hurricane

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Tropical Storm Alex could send oil skimmers back to port and make containment booms useless, even from some 500 miles away, according to authorities overseeing the Gulf oil spill cleanup. But the rough weather also might give nature a hand in breaking down crude from the massive oil spill.

Forecasters expect Alex to grow to hurricane strength later Tuesday over the southwestern Gulf on track for the Texas-Mexico border region and away from the oil spill area off Louisiana, according to media reports.

But it will blow waves and stormy winds all the way to the open Gulf, where BP is working to cap and contain the oil, and the coastal waters tinged with crude.

Waves churned up by Alex could help break up the patches of oil scattered across the sea. The higher-than-normal winds that radiate far from the storm also could help the crude evaporate faster.

“The oil isn’t in one solid sheet. It’s all broken up into patches anyway. It will actually work to break those patches down,” said Piers Chapman, chairman of the oceanography department at Texas A&M University, told the Associated Press.

But skimming vessels may be idled because they can’t operate in such swells. Floating oil-containment booms could be rendered useless by waves slopping over them and may have to be pulled out of the water.

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3 comments on “Tropical Storm Alex expected to become a hurricane

  1. Gilbert Cauvin

    I can’t believed that a country like the USA doesn’t have the capability
    or knowledge to shote down this oil  for good. What hapen of the Americain
    engenuity??? and leadership of the 50/60. We whent to the moon and we can’t turened down a oil spill in the golf. BS
    Very desapointing.

  2. kabuki dancer

    I can’t believe that Gilbert has an inkling of an idea what he is talking about when he can’t even spell.  Very disappointing.

  3. floridafishfinder

    Einstein was dyslexic and was not a very good speller. Also, if you would, please do a little research on famous dyslexics…they couldn’t spell either, but their contributions to mankind were enormous. So, walk a mile in my & Gil’s moccasins before passing judgement.
    Except for the myopic opinion of the unsophisticated spelling policeman above, Gilbert is absolutely correct! WHERE IS AMERICAN ENGENUITY!!?? American engenuity is still here but it is impotent because of bureaucracy. We’re stuck with an enept President who didn’t take control in a disaster. He didn’t send in the Navy Engineers & Marine Engineers immediately upon this happening. He still hasn’t…he’s enept and dangerous to the American way of life, all sealife in the Gulf, and most all life in the marshlands and estuaries. HE’S A PUPPET! We’re stuck with a bureaucratic quagmire government that can’t do anything except threaten to sue somebody over this….great! What a load of worthless bilge water!! Meanwhile endangered sea turtles, manatees, whales, dolphins and every other creature in proximity are DYING!! ….but Obama is gonna kick some a$$, RIGHT!! Heard that one on the playground in 2nd grade. -I guess that would be mental-age appropriate for his stunted mental development. These are grounds for immediate impeachment and reason to throw out all incumbents (both parties), and for bringing Obama up on charges of failure to perform specified duties as assigned to a President. He swore an oath to protect this country…he has failed miserably and needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!
    BP wants the oil and so do many others (Haliburton) so they’re going to let it flow until they tap the pipe with the relief wells. BP, Haliburton and others don’t care about our beaches, our precious sealife and estuaries. It’s all about the bottom line….and the government is right there with their buddies with their hands out…and Americans are dumb enough to believe that these bureaucratic politicians and shadowy companies care. We are not the same people as our forefathers. We are fat, lazy, stupid, gullible (and doomed) as a population. Because of these weaknesses we are where we are in many issues around the world including this…reminiscent of the Fall of the Roman Empire…I’ll be an Ex-Pat in the South Pacific when that happens…
    (sorry if I mis-spellet sumptin there kabuki)

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