Boston Whaler announces Costco deal, new website

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Boston Whaler, together with the Costco Auto Program, announced a pilot program to bring Costco members special pricing on Boston Whaler’s Super Sport, Montauk and Dauntless models.

Boston Whaler will also provide Costco members with exclusive incentives up to $2,000, all additional incentives available through other national promotions, and a $500 Costco cash card after completing a post-purchase Costco member survey.

“Through this promotion, Costco members can purchase one of our legendary unsinkable boats at values that can’t be found anywhere else,” Boston Whaler president John Ward said in a statement. “This partnership between Boston Whaler and Costco provides exceptional value for both Costco members and prospective Boston Whaler customers.”

Beginning in July and running through the end of September, the exclusive offer will be available at 40 Boston Whaler dealer locations and approximately 150 corresponding Costco warehouses across the U.S.

Click here for the full release.

Boston Whaler also announced the launch of its revamped website.

“The Internet is such an important piece for how our consumers shop today and inform themselves about the product and brand,” said Ben Cast, Whaler’s vice president of sales, marketing and customer service. “We needed a website that clearly shows what sets Whaler apart from the rest.”

The new-and-improved “Why Whaler” section, which is meant to educate current and potential Whaler owners on the brand’s identity and strengths, has gone from a text-heavy format to one that emphasizes multimedia.

The “Boating Lifestyle Configurator” asks customers to respond to a short series of questions that helps guide them to the model line that suits them best.

“Each product family has a different purpose for how a customer may use it and we want to make it easy for customers to find a boat that fits their needs,” said Cast.

Whaler also has improved its customization interface, with its “Build This Boat” feature, available on every model page. Customers can check off all options they want to add and the website will keep track of the total cost as they go.


7 comments on “Boston Whaler announces Costco deal, new website

  1. Rick Traskos

    Having just returned from my Whaler dealer and paying for $900 of routine service on my 13′ Dauntless – I can only say good luck with your Costco service contacts. Obviously, Brunswick is reaching desperation with this move.  Sad to see their lack of support for their dealer network.

  2. Chuck Stewart

    Like Bass Pro Shops selling Mako, etc, the manufacturers are seeking increased outlets for thier products. The big problem comes with service, rigging, warranties, etc. Someone has to do it. The question is who? The poor dealer has to pay floor plan, rent, insurance, franchise fees, etc to sell a manufacturers products. They also have to settle with the individual manufacturers warranty reimbursement programs regardless of time and money spent fixing a customer’s problem. When customers who purchased boats through these non-dealer type progams can’t get thier boat serviced because the dealer either refuses to take care of it on a timely basis. Or that those same dealers go out of business due to the fact they can’t compete with those who have literally nothing in it except floor space they already own. Then what is the manfacturer to do? Close up shop just like the dealers who’s throat they are cutting now!

  3. Steve Clem

    So the Unsinkable Legend has sunk to being just another a big box store commodity.  Whalers have always had a special mystique.  Are they now to become just another cheap mass market product?

  4. Jeff

    Well I guess my first whaler Conquest 275 will be my last…sad to say.  LOVE the boat, I am guessing it will be all down hill from here.

  5. BAC

    If you are a true Whaler consumer you wouldn’t see this as a bad thing, Whaler has and always will be the most trust worthy boat in the industry.  From the first time I placed my foot in a Whaler I always felt a sense of safety.  Their name is not the “Unsinkable Legend” just by chance…

  6. Kelly L

    You guys got it wrong.  My wife and I belong to Costco and are in the process of buying a 170 Montauk.  We can’t buy the boat at our Costco warehouse.  We have to buy it from MarineMax so we’ll get our service there.

  7. Ted K

    Did any of you people educate yourself on this program or even read the article if you did you would realize that after you get the Boat Buying Program information from Costco they direct you to your local dealer that will then give you a Costco Member Generated Quote and you then go through your local dealer to buy and get service it has nothing to do with buying at the Costco or getting service there please people before you spew your uneducated views find out the details first.

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