EPA seeks comment on MSDs

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The Environmental Protection Agency is calling for comments on marine sanitation devices, the National Marine Manufacturers Association announced.

Specifically, EPA seeks input regarding vessels operating on navigable waters that use sewage treatment devices; technical information on the performance, effectiveness and costs of vessel sewage treatment devices, including performance testing data; suggestions on what, if any, changes to the performance standards might be appropriate; and information on monitoring, record keeping and reporting or vessel sewage discharges.

To join NMMA’s task force on MSDs or provide input on NMMA’s pending comments, contact Cindy Squires at csquires@nmma.org or (202)737-9766.

Click here for more on the rule.

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3 comments on “EPA seeks comment on MSDs

  1. dave

    It is about time!  I am not sure that they will value input from us little guys…so far the E10 comments have fallen on deaf ears, as well as the recreational boater “recycle water” of a few years back.  Oh and let’s not forget they are very active on that whole Obama “ocean and coastal management” thing this past year.  And let’s not forget their help on dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico and then the retraction.
    Have they gotten anything right?  And just where does all their authority come from?
    You can bet I will sign up!

  2. Bruce, TN

    O yea, let’s thump the marine market again!  All of the cities and towns along our waterways are allowed all kinds of runoff, spills of sewage, and “discharges”.  In some cases they are still within EPA guidelines after “hours” of discharges, but let’s fine anybody who so much as spits off of a boat!
    Flip all the houses and throw all the bums out this September!

  3. Don

    It wasn’t EPA’s idea to do this but rather some env group called Friends of the Environment (FOE) which petitioned the Agency forcing them to write the NPR so you may want to re-direct your ire asking FOE to withdraw the petition.
    I and others have emailed them asking their motivation for sending EPa the petition and thus far, no response…
    It would appear actions like theirs which wastes already inefficient government efforts.

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