June sales: Aluminum up, fiberglass down

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June retail boat sales remained soft for fiberglass boats and personal watercraft, but rates of decline were lower than in May for both segments.

All fiberglass sales, including PWC, dropped 16.4 percent year-over-year for June, while fiberglass boats in the popular 14- to 30-foot range fell 21.3 percent in the early reporting states for the same period. PWC decreased 11.8 percent in the month.

The aluminum segment carried the boat market in June, increasing 9.1 percent. The aluminum pontoon and fishing boat segments both had positive growth for the period.

This report includes 28 early reporting states that represent approximately 67 percent of the national market. These preliminary results help identify the prevailing retail trends in the 30-foot and smaller segments for states that are currently able to report monthly or weekly.

— Aarn D. Rosen

National Marine Sales Manager

Statistical Surveys


3 comments on “June sales: Aluminum up, fiberglass down

  1. Florida Patriot

    Still not bottomed out yet. The sooner we get the progressives and communist out of power the quicker our industry and many others will start comming back. REMEMBER TO VOTE. It is one of the last rights/duties that we have left. If it were up to BHO, we would not even get to vote. Want to know the TRUTH about what is happenening? Watch Glenn Beck at 5:00 pm eastern time on Fox News.

  2. John Ennis

    As long as unemployment remains high ,sales of all recreational items will remain on a downward curve. Mnay of the suits on Wall Street say the recession ended months ago. Tell that to former boaters who have been unemployed for months . When they do resume work they will probably be geting less pay then before being laid off and have little or no money for boating. Currently slightly more then 40 percent of the population  has FICO scores that make them bad risks for any loans. GM has just purchased a company that will cater to them. Hey does this sound familar. If our industry follows suit it will be deep doo doo all over again.

  3. wildbill

    I agree with  Florida patriot…   You every notice word in Patriot???   RIOT  thats what we need to do with incumbents that are left of center and the communist and the liberals and the progressives…who are ruining country.. sales good here, 106% of last years business right now,,, but last year was a terrible year for us all; …we are positive……we will profail over are stupidR$$%^&*()())___)*(^&5454  idiots in government… remember this our LEADER could not run ONE of our business’s   it would be broke in 90 days, and I bet he couldn’t get a loan to fix it…   wildbill      VOTE VOTE VOTE

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