Mercury Marine holds Wisconsin job fair

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Hundreds of people came out to a job fair Wednesday, looking for a chance to work at Mercury Marine.

The Fond du Lac, Wis.-based engine builder held a career fair to fill 50 positions and WSAW television reports 365 people out for the event.

Attendees filled out an application and got a short interview for jobs that pay $10 per hour plus benefits. All former laid-off employees were given a chance to interview for the positions, according to the report.

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5 comments on “Mercury Marine holds Wisconsin job fair

  1. flatul8r

    I can’t believe that the city, county & state collectively contributed millions so that Mercury could strong arm their employees (current & future) into this.  It’s a sad day in Fond du Lac.  All you have to do is see the comments in the local papers to understand that the community is now coming to realize that they have been hoodwinked.  There won’t be much of an economy in Fond du Lac when thier largest employer pays wages that are akin to those paid 30 years ago.

  2. inevitable?

    It is a sad day in Fond du Lac.   But just for a moment, imagine you ran Mercury Marine.  What would you do?  Remember, you are in a race with your competition to produce the best product on the market at the lowest cost.  You must maximize profits in order to have the cash for investing in the best engineers, the best managers, and the most efficient production (skilled employees and the latest equipment).  That continues the success of your company.   If you do not do it to the best of your ability, you stand to lose the entire company in the race against lower cost competitors from anywhere on the globe.  Feel the stress?  The environment was not like this 30 years ago.  Competition was from similar companies in the U.S. with similar cost structures….not so anymore.  In this new environment of global competion, in order to survive, you must either:  1.) Move production to a lower cost country or state.  (Wisconsin is not one of these)  2.) Reduce cost dramatically in your current location by cutting wages and getting ”special treatment” from the state.  (At least with this choice you still employ people in your own state)  OR  3.)  Stay put, do nothing, and succumb to lower cost competitors and disappear entirely leaving NO jobs for yourself or anyone else for that matter.   It is too bad this is the way things are, but it is reality.
    Now, imagine you are the governor.   Shouldn’t you be making every effort to reduce wasteful government spending, so taxation on manufacturers and individuals can be reduced?  Wouldn’t that encourage more investment and more jobs in our state rather than a flight from it?  Remember, tax revenues come from working people and successful companies.  Without them, government and the public sector cannot survive.  I guess the other choice is that you could spend EVEN MORE OF OUR MONEY to keep another manufacturer from leaving (at least for now).
    Mercury Marine is being managed effectively with an eye toward their future success.  Can you say the same of your government?
    Thank you if you read until the end… is my rant for the day.

  3. flatul8r

    Unfortunatley I can’t disagree with you.  What is even more unfortunate is that based on your theory and the current state of the economy/boat business, Mercury will likely move most of their jobs to Mexico or China eventually anyway.
    Lots of people up here think that the only reason that Mercury kept giving the union another chance to vote to accept concessions is because they didn’t have the infrastructure in place to support moving all of the manufactuing operations to Stillwater.  On the other hand even with the MerCruiser production coming to Wisconsin Mercury will have plenty of capacity available.
    Management at Mercury is doing a good job of long range planning.  The route that they have chosen will make it a lot less costly to move even more production to a cheap labor locale.

  4. Grand Man

    Dear Invitable:
    Your understanding of the situation seems to be good, and the theory of competitors is skewed somewhat. The environment today is different today as you say, however the principles of successes of the past should be the lessons for today. Mercury has lost the talented managers with knowledge of what it takes. There is NO FOLLOW UP, no understanding of needs of older customers. Service dealers being dropped even with over 30 years with Mercury. Outboard requests being ignored from dealers, and Pro’s wanting to help promote the products.
    The current strategy is flawed by a management that has no understanding of how to grow markets, only loose to more innovative companies entering the markets. It isn’t hard to find the consensus among the older and more experienced people. The dealers know, and the OEM’s understand, and they are who promotes to the consumers.

  5. Grand Man

    I disagree, management at Brunswick dictates to Mercury what they want done. It is no secret that some of the management is already seeking packages. They don’t want to face the music by the union on wage contracts in 2012, and market share losses, to the stockholders. Rather than unitize advantages they had over competition, they have elected to create dealer problems for Sea Ray and Bayliner dealers. The OEM’s already having problems, and now that FDL is handling more and more customers, the mess continues to escalate.
    Will Volvo, or Yamaha send work to China, and Mexico as well? Is GM the only engine company in the marine industry ? Will new marine companies gain market with new innovative concepts and production facilities?
    Mercury is far from a good strategy going into the future. They can and should react, but not with the plan they are working today !

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