Mercury touts prop hubs’ resistance to Gulf oil

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Mercury Marine and Quicksilver propellers for engines 40 hp and higher feature the Flo-Torq hub system with a Delrin sleeve, which is resistant to the effects of oil, the company said in announcement to boaters in the Gulf region.

Running engines with Delrin hubs in oil-tainted waters has not been shown to shorten the life of the propeller, Mercury added. It said exposing rubber hubs to oil can soften and weaken the rubber, which can cause the hub to fail.

Mercury reported it recently filled an order for 90 engines (90 hp) for boats in the Gulf of Mexico cleanup operation.

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5 comments on “Mercury touts prop hubs’ resistance to Gulf oil

  1. CKM

    Wise of Mercury to take advantage of this bit of PR. Many aftermarket prop manufacturers, such as Michigan Wheel, have had urethane and Delrin hubs for their props for years.
    The hubs were designed from the start to have this “impervious to oil” feature.  So, many boats with aftermarket props and hub systems that are running in the Gulf, may also benefit from this feature on any size or brand of motor that has an interchangeable hub system, and not be aware of it.

  2. ohmboy

    There should be be no negative impact on Turning Point hubs, Mercury Flo-torq hubs, and Michigan wheel XHS hubs.  Solas marketing materials says their Rubex hubs are rubber, so may suffer the same degradation and failure as the Yamaha, Honda, Tohatsu, Suzuki, BRP, and Merc factory rubber hubbed product.
    Solas rubber hubs and Michigan Wheel factory matched props all have rubber hubs and would possibly fail in the oily waters.  Same with Powertech product.

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