Zac Sunderland to appear at San Diego show

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Zac Sunderland, who at 17 became the youngest person at the time to successfully sail solo around the world, will be at the seventh annual San Diego Yacht and Boat Show, which runs July 22-25.

Sunderland departed Marina del Rey harbor June 14, 2008 in a 36-foot Islander sailboat, The Intrepid, that he purchased for $6,000. Thirteen months and two days later, he returned to his home port in Los Angeles.

Sunderland and his sailboat will be making a four-day appearance at the show so he can personally meet his fans and followers.

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2 comments on “Zac Sunderland to appear at San Diego show

  1. Matteo Caldonazzo

    Hi, I’m really happy to write a comment for you, Zac, because I’m 17, the same age you are, and it is incredible your and your sister’s adventure! I’ve read you are going to celebrate the anniversary of your return home. I would be very happy if I could be there with all your fans and followers, but I live in Italy… Enjoy yourself, this week-end is your magic time!
    I really admire you, Zac and Abby!
    Take care

  2. Jim McGrath

    Congratulations, Zac, on circomnavigating the globe! Abby would have made it but a high wave stopped her when she passed half way! I give her much credit just the same!

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