Boats aren’t needed after lake disappears

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The owner of a boat and RV dealership in Manchester, Iowa, is organizing a boat auction for Lake Dehli boaters looking to sell their vessels after the emptying of the 9-mile lake.

The Lake Delhi dam failed July 24, causing a breach that drained the lake.

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver and others acknowledged this week that the lake likely won’t be restored anytime soon, according to media reports. Culver created a task force to study how the surging Maquoketa River caused a private dam. The task force also will consider options for rebuilding the structure and paying for the work.

The group, which includes representatives of state agencies, the governor’s office and local organizations, won’t issue a report until Dec. 1.

Rusty Peck, who owns Lake Delhi Marina and RV, spent this week hauling stranded boats out of the lake and has organized a boat auction for Sept. 12 at his dealership.

“Anybody that has a boat or anything else they want to sell will be allowed to put it in the auction, as long as they were affected by the flood,” Peck told reporters.

Peck says he might have to put a cap on the size of the auction because of the potential demand. The Lake Delhi Recreation Association alone has more than 900 members and many have more than one boat.

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5 comments on “Boats aren’t needed after lake disappears

  1. steve mika

    the state collected higher real estate taxes from those homeowners,Its time to pay the piper and rebuild the dam at the states expense. if the people have to get together to pay for it the state owes them thousands of dollars in tax over payments.sounds like a good lawsuit for some ambulance chaser

  2. Detroiter

    The state of Iowa doesn’t owe those people anything!  They paid higher taxes because a portion of their taxes where handed over to the LDRA to use to maintain the dam, which they did not do!  They also were given the opportunity to incorporate in 2005 but the majority voted NO because they didn’t want any government involvement in their community.  Now all of a sudden they want government involvement?  I say let the river be a river or let the people on Lake Deadfish, I mean Lake No More, I mean Lake Delhi fend for themselves without government involvement just the way they like it.

  3. Rick Large (Mesa AZ)

    @Detroiter – I don’t live in IA but from an outsiders perspective, if the residents paid higher taxes they deserve support – they didn’t pay LDRA, they paid taxes. If the state “handed over” funds to LDRA, the state needs to take action to recover those monies and use them to fix the dam. Help me understand why the residents be penalized twice?

  4. still sailing

    maybe they can all take up golf – it is usually the alternative to boating and needs lots of open land…now made recently available…

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