Georgia marina expands

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With Georgia’s Lake Lanier at near-normal levels, one marina on the lake is expanding to accommodate heavier traffic.

The 28-acre Aquamarina Lazy Days expanded its dockage configuration to include a new covered cruiser dock with extra-large slips and more amenities. Additionally, boat dealer MarineMax has come to the marina with an in-the-water showroom, reports.

“The addition of our new cruiser dock and the reconfiguration of the marina are both part of our long-range master plan,” Andrew Sturner, founder, president and CEO of Aqua Marine Partners, which owns and manages Aquamarina Lazy Days, told the website.

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4 comments on “Georgia marina expands

  1. boatman11

    They should have put their money into Canoe and Kayak space. That is what the heavier traffic of the future looks like it will be.
    Marine Max is starting to stick their inventory at every open nook and cranny they can find. Everywhere.

  2. Masterboater

    Since the new owners have taken over the marina at Lazy Days, we have noticed all good things.  They have extremely nice docks, friendly helpful staff, and great amenities.  It’s always in the best interest of a company to do business with local dealers as it helps to attract new boaters to the lake, and there is nothing wrong with that.  We applaud their efforts, and we’re glad that they have maintained a positive attitude over the past few years, ESPECIALLY with recent drought, economy, and water wars.

  3. boatman11

    Masterboater, who  does the “we” refer to? Was this letter written by a group or an individual? Just curious.
    I never claimed that Lazy Days Marina didn’t have nice docks and nice amenities and good things. What I suggested was that it might have been more economically feasible to put money into providing more canoe and kayak space, especially in lue of the recent articles printed in this publication regarding houseboat and other boat reposessions on Lake Lanier, and the uptick in sales in the small lake boats like kayaks and canoes. Holding  Positive or negative attitudes do not change these documented economic facts.
    I was referring to Marine Max in particular (not just any local dealer) because in past years they had always adhered to and touted certain customer and boat maintenance  standards that were unique to their brand and culture. From observing their operations of late, they seem to be trading off some of those standards for more visibility and forging alliances with  some operators whose service and maintenance capabilities, or reputations, are not up to par or at the very  least are controversial in many corridors of this industry.  This has the potential to affect the “Marine Max” reputation down the line.

  4. Tim Law

    More competition at the lake is a good thing.  I believe it will encourage other marinas to upgrade their facilities and be more customer focused.  It may even lead to (but not likely) some price competition.

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