Regal Marine reports best week in three years

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Regal Marine says the week of Aug. 28 through Sept. 3 was its best week for shipping boats since 2007. The company did not release specific numbers, but it reports a steady increase in retail sales and says Regal dealers replenished inventory during the summer.

“Everyone at Regal is excited and extremely grateful that we have had this exceptional week,” Regal president and chief executive Duane Kuck said. “We feel that more dealers are recognizing the exceptional value proposition that partnering with Regal represents. We are proud of our products and have been aggressive with programs that help our dealers sell Regal boats.”

The company had planned to end the Regal Prime Time Sales Event promotion, but has decided to extend it through Oct. 31. It offers rebates on Regal’s entire line of boats, which range from 19 to 53 feet, saving buyers as much as $50,000 on a new Regal boat.


3 comments on “Regal Marine reports best week in three years

  1. Arch

    Week?  Is it that bad that we have to celebrate a good week?  Have you EVER heard of a major corporation (fortune 500) for example talk about a good week?
    I’m sorry, but I’m not trying to deflate their bubble.  I like REGAL a lot.  But stuff like this is ridiculous.
    The marketing nonsense is ridiculous.  I guess REGAL extending this sales event was due to it’s overwhelming success, right?  That isn’t what Regal said, I’m just making a point based on what I see all the time.
    What would be MORE believable is if they honored their first time line and then said they had to stop it due to success of the plan since they have sold out their production ability.
    PEOPLE ARE SICK OF GETTING JERKED AROUND, whether it’s from marketing, politics, the media, etc.  POLITICAL  CORRECTNESS IS KILLING US.    This isn’t a knock on REGAL, just the times in general.
    Can’t we just be honest already?

  2. Arch

    I apologize that I used the positive REGAL story to fuel my rant.  Sure, there are some disturbing items in the story, but I overreacted.  I get frustrated by all the BS marketing and political correctness that goes on out there, WHICH DOES MORE BAD THAN GOOD, but I shouldn’t have attached my rant to REGAL, whom I’ve always liked and respected.
    But I don’t regreat the message I was trying to share.

  3. RylBtr

    Jeez, Arch,
    I think it great that someone in our industry has finally HAD a good week. Cudos to Regal. It’s nice to hear some incouraging words for a change. All I have read lately is how BAD the boating industry is doing, how sales are low, blah blah blah. Even the lead article on this one is entitled “Brokerage sales are flat in August”. I was actually excited to read that someone was doing better!!  Extending the Prime Time Event is just an incentive for some end of the season sales. Don’t get your panties in such a bunch. If you really want to get all bent out of shape over something, then why don’t you concentrate on how much the media and government are, as you say “Jerking us around”. I don’t think an article on how Regal sold a few boats even compares. Your anger is certainly misplaced.

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