Sea Ray plants lengthen year-end furlough

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Employees at Sea Ray’s plants in Knoxville and Vonore, Tenn., were told Thursday that the company is extending its normal end-of-the-year furlough at those facilities, Brunswick spokesman Dan Kubera confirmed to Soundings Trade Only.

Typically, production furloughs are taken around Thanksgiving, and then again at the end of the year. This year, the Knoxville plant will begin its furlough Oct. 4 and the Tellico plant in Vonore will begin its furlough in November.

Both plants are scheduled to resume production Jan. 4, 2011.

“We will take the additional furlough time to help us continue to closely manage the pipeline and help safeguard the health of our dealer network, particularly in light of the sluggish economy and retail boat sales, which have trended down recently,” Kubera said in an e-mail.

“This approach to helping to manage the pipeline more closely by balancing production, wholesale efforts and retail results has proved effective for us during this downturn, and we believe it is a prudent action to take,” he added.

During this period, necessary work will continue to integrate some new models and brands into production cycles at these locations, Kubera said.


8 comments on “Sea Ray plants lengthen year-end furlough

  1. Lou

    I love his comment,   “, particularly in light of the sluggish economy and retail boat sales, which have trended down recently,” Kubera said in an e-mail.”   Recently?   Retail boat sales have declined every year since 1992.  I don’t know what he calls recently.

  2. pilothouseking

    The way this industry treats it’s workers, I’m surprised  ANY ever show up to work- when there is work. One would think these workers would wise up and move on to endeavours that have a growth possibility or at least some stability such as crime (pick a side) or selling off their children on Craig’s list.
    Sea Ray paid them so much they can sit back on “furlough’s” until  there’s work?
    Or does the Industry depend on workers who do it solely as a hobby and/or recreation?

  3. Compact45

    Not suprising news and there is probably more manufactures that are hiding bad news like this from their work force and dealers……Unfortunatly things will continue to get worse for the boat biz.

  4. g b james

    My preseason bost sales to dealers in $ is 32% ahead of last year..23% in Units..I refuse to take the same course of thinking as “compact45”.. people who think business is bad and getting worse for them..guess what, it will.
    Having said all is tough with the dealers and the oil spill made it even worse for the gulf coast dealers…with a oil fix in sight, business has improved..
    Joe Reaves (Hydra Sports 1973) said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”……I need to get going, so will someone loan me $1000 for my next road trip..?

  5. nobody that matters

    Brunswick enjoyed the hay days of the boat boom along with everyone else. (except for the guy who’s sale have been in decline since ’92. Is there any water in your desert?)
    Protecting the share holders is priority when dealing with large corporations. They better listen to the dealer network when it comes to providing a product that fills the needs to kickstart growth again. Having a higher priced boat that offers no increased value over lesser priced brands could spell disaster for such a large builder. If they find themselves building more Bayliners than SeaRay then the writing is on the wall. The Share holders already dumped Baja (understandably), but that doesnt mean that the Baja market can’t come back.
    Corporate needs to maintain the health for the company, but at the same time they need to look at what it will take to save the SeaRay heratige and bring the entry level buyer back into picture. They may have to actually spend money to make money untill they rebuild the customer loyalty that they rightfully earned for so many years.
    Best of luck SeaRay

  6. Capt. Woody

    I agree with pilothouseking.  The way this industry treats it’s workers, It’s remarkable that anyone wants to work for the marine industry.  The only vacation time I seem to have is after a layoff!  I have heard some workers have benefits, but I have yet to see any-I’m lucky just to see a paycheck.  After working in the marine industry since the 70’s, if I get laid off again, I am going to try another industry-maybe it will treat me better.

  7. Ian.Watson

    Is Sea Ray secretly owned by Irwin Jacobs?  Sounds like they’ve adopted his way of communicating information to the world and his way of treating employees.  Boo on poor planning and poor management.

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