Boat of the Year nominees named at Annapolis show

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Cruising World and Sailing World magazines announced today at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Md., their nominees for the 2011 Boat of the Year awards. The awards recognize and honor the best new sailboat models introduced to the North American market.

“The Boat of the Year nominees we have this year reflect a pivotal shift in the industry in that we have raceboats and daysailers that were designed with the intention to lure people back to sailing,” Sailing World editor Dave Reed said in a statement. “The builders really thought about what would excite both racing sailors and new sailors. The variety of boats our judges will test next week is more diverse than I’ve ever seen.”

Sailing World nominated 16 performance-oriented models for its awards. Cruising World nominated 20 boats, split into six categories.

The 2011 BOTY winners will be announced in the January issue of Cruising World and the January/February issue of Sailing World. Both magazines are set to hit newsstands in mid-December.

The 2011 awards mark the 27th anniversary of the awards for Sailing World and the 18th for Cruising World.

Click here for the full release and the lists of nominees.


One comment on “Boat of the Year nominees named at Annapolis show

  1. Retired Guns

    Nice to see Hobie made the list, I own an Adventure Island, and may aquire an Aventure Island Tandem as well.
    I see that Macgregor has never been on this list, it’s a shame, as it is possibly one of the Most Used sailboats in the industry in America…. at least?  And with nearly 50,000 boats made, it may be one of the most successful brands next to say, Catalina?
    I make that assumption based on many dockmasters comments, on both the East and West coast observing that phenomenon.
    Some eventually upgrade to a larger craft, but the anamosity in the community is absurd, as I have owned three of them so far, since the 1980’s.
    Even the Hunter Edge Powersailor would be a very nice choice.  Twice the price, and yes maybe even more amenaties, both are capable daysailers. I know many people who, since the advent of the Lancer 27, prefer the convenience of a Non-Traditional Hull design because of capabilities.
    I see Hobie accepted in the Kayak Community willingly, and now bluring the lines of classification as well!  I guess those of us out here who see innovations which make sense to us, represented by the industry/press, in a more positive light.  Nobody has to convince us owners, so this is just an observation.
    Different strokes for different folks I guess?
    I heard negative rants all the time while sailing on “Real Sailboats” as they were called as a crew member on Reggata boats in many a San Diego Beercan races, etc.

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