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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected later today to release its decision on whether to allow more ethanol than the current limit of 10 percent to be blended into gasoline.

The agency is holding a press conference this afternoon to discuss an “announcement on ethanol,” it said in a release.

Reuters is reporting that the EPA will clear the way for gasoline blended with as much as 50 percent more ethanol, or E15, to be used in vehicles made since the 2007 model year.

The EPA will approve the request from the Growth Energy coalition of ethanol producers to boost the amount of ethanol in a gallon of gasoline to as much as 15 percent from the current 10 percent. The agency is expected to decide in December whether E15 can be used in cars built from 2001 to 2006, Reuters said.

Many marine industry groups, including the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the Marine Retailers Association of America and BoatU.S., oppose E15. These groups and others have asked that the agency delay decisions on E15 until scientific testing shows whether higher ethanol levels will increase air pollution, harm engines or raise consumer safety issues.

More than 22,000 people have e-mailed President Barack Obama, urging him to prevent the EPA from approving the increase.

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12 comments on “E15 decision expected today

  1. E85Prices

    I don’t know of a Marina in the US that doesn’t offer basic Gasoline..
    You don’t like E15.Fine ..don’t use it.. There is NO mandate for E15 use in Boats.
    You wouldn’t put diesel in your Boat don’t fill up with E15 when you see..it’s called personal responsibility .

  2. Gas Pains

    In some states (Minnesota, for example) E10 in all grades of fuel is presently mandated by law and the consumer has no choice. And many boaters buy fuel at gas stations, not marinas.

  3. Don

    To the above poster……you are incorrect!  In CT one has no choice, E-10 is at every pump inthe state.

  4. pissed off

    What else can our friends in Washington do to continue to kill our industry. In these economic times….we now have catltic converters that do nothing for the consumer unless he happens to be a tree hugger that thinks they won a significent battle against the marine industry. All it did was make boating more expensive than it already is.
    If E15 passes….it is also going to increase the cost of the changes and upgrades that will be required to use this fuel without destroying the engine, it’s systems, fuel tanks, etc…..again killing the future of getting people into affordable boating.
    If Washington’s goal is not make this a rich man’s sport….they are acheiving their goal….while the industry suffers and puts additional people out of jobs.
    Wake up boys !!

  5. Our government tax dollars hard at work

    Freedom of choice is not the issue.  Almost everyone who uses gasoline for their lawn and garden equipment or marine engines doesn’t know the differences between E10 and E15.  The higher the ethanol content, the less favorable it is to these small off-road engines.  They were not made to function  properly with it so millions and millions of chain saws, mowers, weedwackers, and marine engines will see dramatic decreases in performance, life cycle and use.  If the government was organized enough, it would inform the public of the perils of use for higher ethanol blends but they haven’t and don’t (evidently) plan to.  The E15 will be the standard gas as well – not the premium – so an uninformed public will naturally buy it as the low price choice.  All EPA had to do was finish the scientific evaluation of the impact of increasing the ethanol content and then let everyone know who can use the higher blends and who can’t.  Instead they are just going to release it wholesale into the marketplace and let happen whatever is going to happen.  It will be a litigant’s dream.  All to placate the corn lobby.  What a joke – and it’s unfortunately on us, the consumer.  Get ready to replace your small engines with new ones.

  6. E85Prices.com

    Do any of you even read?  The approval is JUST for 2007 and newer vehicles.
    Again if you don’t want to use E15 in your Boat..then DONT FILLUP with E15..Personal Responsibility .
    As Far as killing the Boating Industry..ludicrous .  I’d be pissed at the Boat Manufacturers for sticking their heads in the sand and not making their equipment ready for higher blend ethanol..considering we have have been running E10 for nearly 10 years now
    Why? because THEY don’t want to spend an extra $30 per boat to make them ethanol ready..thats what it boils down to.
    It cost the Auto Industry LITERALLY $40 to make a FFV into a high ethanol content FFV(E85) ..(Per Tom Stvens General Motors) thats almost ALL ethanol compared to E15 where ethanol is used just as a additive.
    But again …the bottom line for Boaters..if you don’t want to use E15 ..then DONT..there is no law that requires you to
    E15 will be on a Blender Pump..you will have to ACTIVELY SELECT E15 to even use  it ..Just like when you select 87 , 89  or 92 octane

  7. mok

    You know not of what you speak. The complaint in the boating industry is that ethanol fuels of any kind, E10 or E15, are not suitable for use in boats due to 2 main factors:
    1. Doesn’t store well long term. Boats hold large amounts of fuel and sometimes for lond periods of time. Ethanol breaks down and oxidizes much more rapidly. The dramatic damage/repair issues to marine systems is well documented.
    2. Ethanol attracts moisture. Not an issue in a car as the fuel tanks are small and are closed to the environment. In boats, the tanks are large and open vented so moisture is actually attracted and drawn in leading to contamination and phase separation. Again, all well documented issues.
    Now you add E15 to the equation and we not only have unnecessary and now regular repair costs added to boating from E-10, but also the need to upgrade already costly systems in boats to accomodate the new fuel when and where necessary. The only good news is E-15 should be able to suspend more water to pass in the fuel before phase separation occurs than E-10 but nobody will reap that benfit for years to come.
    So before you accuse us all of being anti-green, listen instead of speaking for once. If gas stations truly did offer a choice of E-10, E-15, and NON ETHANOL fuels, we’d be ok but they don’t and won’t unless mandated and forced to do so. That’s what we want and need to fight for. A safe reliable marine fuel.

  8. Captbill

    The fact is Ethanol is LESS EFFICIENT in a gasoline engine and the lobbiest (E85Prices) on this board is only looking out for his own wallet.
    Ethanol takes way more energy to produce that it gives back. That’s a fact. Your gasoline engine does NOT operate more efficiently with Ethanol. That’s a fact.
    Engines WILL fail faster with the use of Ethanol. That’s a FACT.
    As others have said, this is a big corn-lobby-Al Gore SHAM upon the American people.
    Simple as that.
    They’ve only just begun too, that’s what’s scrary.

  9. HHG

    Not personal responsibility – It’s called getting screwed by the government allowing ethanol to be sold in the first place. Ethanol is subsidized, cost more to produce than gas, produces less engergy than gas, and is just a bad idea.
    There is no benifit, only unnecessary problems and free money for ethanol producers.

  10. E85Prices.com

    Here in Minnesota you don’t even have to use E10..
    Since 2003, almost all of the gasoline sold in the state must contain 10 percent ethanol (E10). Exemptions include gasoline used for motor sports racing, airports, marinas, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, small engines, and collector vehicles. The legislature initially required a statewide blend of at least 7.7 percent ethanol in 1997.
    There is NO issue because every Marina sells Pure Gasoline..
    I think the real problem is Boaters have only one choice …that is to buy Gasoline from the Marina…and the Marina Gouges them.

  11. Artful_Dodger


    I can’t believe that some people believe you have a choice of fuel. If E15 becomes the mandated new fuel it will eventually become the only fuel just like E10 is now. In NJ Gasoline IS E10 no other choice. If you think it is “engine friendly” it means you just don’t understand chemistry or thermodynamics. This is pure politics and mis-information. Remember when it was called gas-ahol everyone hated it because of the problems it caused. It is still the same poor fuel with a new environmentally friendly name.

  12. Red I

    In the state of Maryland there is no option for non-ethanol  fuel. The Md fuel distributor’s association voluntarily agreed for the entire state to be ethanol fuel. Furthermore, Mercury Marine states in their warranty that the use of  fuel that contain’s more than 10% ethanol void’s the warranty. Talk about customer service problem’s if they increase ethanol amount’s

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