Nautique CEO outlines four-year plan

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Nautique announced the beginning of a new four-year strategic plan, which it says sets “aggressive improvement goals” for each area of the company.

The new plan, which the Nautique team has been developing for months, divides the company into 12 departments and sets goals for each of them.

“The plan is expected to produce significantly positive results for Nautique customers, employees, dealers and vendors over the next four years,” the company said in a statement.

In 2007, Nautique began to execute its first strategic plan and the results were “dramatic,” the company said, adding it resulted in the company being in its most financially stable position ever despite the global economic slump that occurred during its execution.

“I am incredibly proud of our team and the results we have achieved the past three years. We have the best team and most financial stability that our company has ever experienced. However, we are not even close to being satisfied,” company president and CEO Bill Yeargin said in a statement. “As part of our execution of a new strategic plan we will be making the company even better, which is tough to do when you already lead the industry. We will be the best getting better.”

Click here to read Yeargin’s blog on the new plan.


3 comments on “Nautique CEO outlines four-year plan

  1. R. Henry

    Yes, I agree, Yeargin is a self promoter. The problem is the last stratigic plan didn’t work. Dealers have experienced a product known for quality suffer under Yeargin’s leadership. The dealer support  from all levels has diminished. I guess Yeargin expects a new plan will fix everything. I think he needs to look at the people he has, and, are they getting the job done done?

  2. D. Teeley

    Speaking factually if you are going to criticize that which you do not know, one could expect the criticizer to at least sound intelligent and use spell checker. You must be Yeargin’s right hand man from your depth of assumptions about his leadership.  Given you have no facts but normative statements, thank you for your worthless opinion on this comment section.

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