New Coast Guard law includes E15 study

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President Barack Obama recently signed the Coast Guard Authorization Act into law, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reports.

The legislation strengthens the Coast Guard as a military service and branch of the armed forces in the Department of Homeland Security by providing organizational flexibility for the Coast Guard.

The law also includes several provisions important to the recreational marine industry, including a study on the impact of mid-level ethanol blends, such as E15, on the performance and safety of boats and marine engines, the association said.

Click here to read President Obama’s statement.


2 comments on “New Coast Guard law includes E15 study

  1. John H. Bisack II

    The arrogance and complete stupidity of the EPA defies description. They know that 10% ethanol has damaged the gas tanks of a large % of boats that have polyesther gas tanks!!!!Now they want to increase the content to 15%. That will damage all older cars and 90% of the equipment such as lawn mowers,gasb trimmers Etc; A simple solution for boats is for the distributor not to add Alcohol at the storage depots, but deliver pure gas,no alcohol to the marinas. That would be too simple I guess!!!

  2. Atlantic Marine Services Inc.

    Ethanol free gas is avaiilable to marinas. The marina owners  have to pay a $.25 per gallon additional charge, which thay pass to the boat owners. I payed last summer $ 3.45 per gallon at Colonal Beach Yatch Center ( VA ). I tested the fuel and found no ethanol. It’s available, just hard to find.      

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