Voices speak out against E15 approval

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The marine industry isn’t the only one disappointed by the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to allow E15 in cars made in 2007 or later.

The following are excerpts of comments from other industry groups that oppose the decision:

National Association of Convenience Stores

“EPA’s decision to allow the use of E15 in certain vehicles does nothing to remove retailers’ obligations to ensure that all of their equipment is lawfully certified to store and sell this product. Further, limiting E15 use to only vehicles manufactured since 2007 could expose retailers to significant liability risk if a consumer were to fuel a non-approved engine with E15.

“When regulations phased out lead from gasoline in the early 1980s, consumers went to extraordinary measures to bypass the fill pipe-nozzle restrictions that were designed to prevent misfueling. EPA then punished retailers for not physically preventing self-service consumers from introducing leaded gasoline into unleaded-only vehicles.”

National Petrochemical & Refiners Association

The Environmental Protection Agency today abdicated its responsibility to safeguard our nation’s public health and environment and became the Ethanol Promotion Agency. EPA’s unwise and premature decision to allow the sale of gasoline with higher levels of ethanol may be good politics in Corn Belt states on the eve of the mid-term elections, but it is bad news for every American who owns a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, lawn mower, chainsaw or anything else powered by gasoline.

“The ethanol industry has won a victory today by convincing the federal agency charged with protecting our nation’s public health and environment to disregard public safety and environmental issues and instead base a major policy decision on inadequate engine test data that has not been made public or reviewed independently. The American people are the losers today because EPA has violated President Obama’s 2009 commitment to them to put science ahead of politics.”

National Chicken Council

“Rising grain prices driven by the voracious demand for feedstock from the heavily subsidized ethanol industry caused an increase of 6 percent in the retail price of fresh whole broiler chickens from 2008 to 2010. Channeling even more corn into ethanol will, in time, only drive up the cost of chicken even more. Consumers will end up paying for the ethanol industry’s demands. It is time to put an end to interference in the market and government mandates that benefit the ethanol industry and raise the price of corn.”


5 comments on “Voices speak out against E15 approval

  1. Chuck Fisher

    The reason for the increase to 15% can be discovered by answering two simple questions:  1.  which state is the largest producer of corn?  2.  Which state has the first presidential primary?

  2. Lawrence Warner

    Perhaps I am ignorant but I don’t understand this.
     It has destroyed Bertram fuel tanks plus a host of other stuff and its shelf life is substantially shortened.
     It is proven to actually get less mileage than pure gasoline.
    It actually costs more to manufacture than gasoline.
    Our food is more expensive because the corn is taken out of the food chain to become ethanol. No wonder people are upset with government.

  3. DJM

    To parable a recent (now infamous) quote by one Speaker of the House…”We’re just going to have to allow this stuff so we can see what kind of damage it causes”.  Good grief…

  4. John Ennis

    The reason for ruling is pure and simple. Election day is just around the bend and the party in power needs  to swing the conservative votes in the farm states to their side.. Bottom line. Just another poltical effort to buy votes and lets face it most politicans are for sale  and are not against prostituting themselves if it will keep them in office.

  5. Rod J.

    Does this (OK to sell to owners of 2007 and newer cars) mean that gas stations will be forced to now carry 6 grades (or more?) of fuel instead of the present 3? How many will just stop selling fuel useable in older cars?
    Many of us small, outboard boat owners buy our gas at the cormer gas station rather than a local marina (some areas don’t have a marine fuel dock, like small lakes) to avoid the “marine” price gouging…….. are we know going to be forced to pay the high prices at the marina or risk destroying our outboards? And again, what about the guy (or gal) who keeps their outboard runabout on a small, inland lake? Will they have to drive to the coast (perhaps 50+ miles each way?) to buy fuel approved to use in their marine engine?
    I am not totally against Ethanol as a fuel, but we should also look at other sources of the ethanol (other than corn) like algae, thus reducing the effect on the food supply (and it’s costs).
    I also find is very interesting that every time something is added to gas to either make it burn “cleaner” or extend supplies it ends up reducing the MPG of our land vehicles….. seems counterproductive to me! And then there was MBTE an additive that was supposed to make gas “cleaner” but it actually caused great enviromental harm as it got into the local groundwater. Ever see an enviromentalist eat their words?

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