EPA seeks comments on proposed E15 label

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking comments on its proposed point-of-sale label, as well as all aspects of the label language, in conjunction with its recent decision to allow the sale of E15 for certain motor vehicles.

Click here to read the full proposal and submit a comment.

“[The National Marine Manufacturers Association] has long contended no amount of labeling will adequately prevent consumer confusion and misfueling of boats while at the pump, nor has EPA provided any data to prove that a label is a sufficient consumer safeguard,” the association said. “NMMA is encouraging all marine industry employees and boaters to provide feedback to EPA on the label and encourage additional misfueling controls before the comment deadline of Jan. 3, 2011.”

The EPA is hosting a public hearing on its proposed gasoline pump label rulemaking at 10 a.m. Nov. 16 at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Chicago

The NMMA said it plans to testify and it encourages other members of the boating industry to express their concerns.

Anyone who plans to attend or wants to testify is asked to contact Mat Dunn of the NMMA at (202) 737-9760 or mdunn@nmma.org.


5 comments on “EPA seeks comments on proposed E15 label

  1. twz0601


  2. Wilson Wright

    E-10 is harmful enough on bots, especially the antiques and classics which don’t run everyday. Please Don’t do it.

  3. lawrence warner

    The ethanol meens less corn for livestock and food.
    The increased demand will push the price of corn up.
    The price of ethanol is more expensive than gasoline. Without a govt subsidy it would not exist.The fuel has a much shorter shelf life than regular gasoline.
    The ethanol/gasoline gets less mileage than regular gasoline.
    There are very few(if any) marinas that have the capacity to pump both 10 and 15% ethanol mix.

  4. tigerpilot

    Normal 0
    E15 is more “We know what’s best for you” pushed down our throats. It is a gift to the large agribusinesses throughout the country, pushing corn prices, followed by food prices through the roof. It is destroying fuel systems of our boats and other motor powered equipment at an unprecedented rate across the country. Even the old airplanes used to be able to use car gasoline-the use of any fuel with alcohol in any aircraft is PROHIBITED.
    The politicians in this country need to wake up and do the bidding of the people, not bow down the highest bidder, which is clearly what has happened.

  5. kidqueb

    I am not aware of any regulation that requires anyone to use ethanol.  Fuel is still available without it.  The majority of  yellow corn is used as animal feed.  The process of making ethanol removes only the sugar from the corn and leaves the mash for use as animal feed.  The subsidy for ethanol goes to the gas companies to blend the ethanol, not the ethanol dealers themselves.  Any idea about the current subsidy being paid to large oil companies by way of military protection in obtaining and shipping the oil to the US.  Every dollar spent on foreign oil is a dollar used in part to kill americans.  We will never be able to produce our own energy as long as we are being held ransom by mideast oil.

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