Trade group: theft a problem in Connecticut

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In a sign of the struggling economy, the Connecticut Marine Trades Association reports that waterfront theft continues to be a problem for businesses and boat owners.

“Vessel power cords were the easy touch while the boats were in the water, and now different items are being taken,” association president Grant W. Westerson said in a statement. “The scrap value seems to be the motivation.”

A Norwich marina reported that more than 20 of its 200-pound cast-iron mushroom moorings were taken in August. More recently, 21 150-pound mushroom moorings were stolen from the marina.

A Rhode Island marina owner said metal parts were removed from a customer’s pumpout system.

The CMTA suggests that businesses consider a video surveillance system.


One comment on “Trade group: theft a problem in Connecticut

  1. Hudson River Rat

    Save your money on the video surveillence. Covering a yard that isn’t well lit even with best low lux lens won’t usually reveal a face. Lots of light, like lighting a football field is the best deturent. Better yet, staking out for the theives works well. They like rainy or foggy nights to do thier work. Have your cell phone handy on 911.  Don’t be suprised if you know your theif.  Most thefts in the boat yard and marina are usually by customers or employees of yours or surounding boat yards.  The exception to that rule is the urban marina.  Look to your neighbors for help there.  They know the theives in the area and in many cases saw the theft.

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