Anglers film shark attack in Australia

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A group of fisherman in Australia recently filmed a great white shark attack on their boat.

The attack took place off the waters of Busselton in southwestern Australia near Perth.

Shortly after the man and his two friends went swimming, a great white shark circled the boat several times before disappearing, according to the report.

Then the 16-foot-long shark suddenly returned and struck the stern, attacking the propeller and causing the cameraman to lose his balance.

The great white shark is one of several shark species that Australia protects.

Click here to see the video.

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4 comments on “Anglers film shark attack in Australia

  1. sailalot

    This is so silly. I wish the media would watch their own nature shows. Outboards are a ”electrolysis field day” with all the dissimilar metals in  the lower unit. The shark is only acting out of thousands of years of instinct & is attracted to the electrolysis. Once it tasted the prop, it left.

  2. boatman11

    Sailalot is right.
    “Attack” ?
    The media can’t seem to get past their simplistic “Jaws” mentality.

  3. sailingu

    Australia should not protect great white sharks. They are murderers. Let them kill those great white sharks and make it safer for us when we go sailing and swimming. Say no to Jaws!

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