Another E15 decision expected soon

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The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to rule later this month on the use of E15 in vehicle models from the years 2001-2006, a decision the agency postponed last fall because it had not completed its tests, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reports.

This is in addition to its October ruling allowing E15 in cars built in 2007 or later.

On Jan. 6, a bipartisan group of nine U.S. senators urged the EPA to overturn its decision to allow E15 in vehicles built in 2007 and later, noting that the agency’s decision “to allow the use of an even higher level of ethanol – E15 – for some types of vehicles fails to adequately protect against misfueling and will add unnecessary confusion at the gas pump for consumers,” the NMMA reports.

These comments are in addition to others from lawmakers and those in a variety of industries that oppose the EPA’s decision.

The NMMA, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers – in a newly formed coalition, the Engine Products Group – are among the groups challenging the EPA’s decision in court.


5 comments on “Another E15 decision expected soon

  1. xskizx

    We have had a constant problem disposing of contaminated fuel due to ethanol. Someone should get the etanol producers to pay for this part of the problem.

  2. Rebel Dog

    To xskizx, good luck with that! By the way, I agree with you. It is well understood in the REAL WORLD that the levels of ethonol in E10 vary widely. They are never less than 10% but sometimes are upwards of 30%. Fuel brokers over fill the ethanol so they can keep more real gas, and they use the government subsidies to help them do it. If they allow E15 will the real world precentages rise to 50 or more in percent? If you do not believe me go to ANY gas station and buy some fuel and do a slough test to determine the amount of ethanol that is in the fuel you just bought. The test is easy to perform with a graduated cylinder, water, and fuel.

  3. Skeptic

    If the consensus is that E-10 & E-15 are without benefits to the motoring public, air quality, reduction of imported oil, supply of fresh water, the cost of transportation and reliability of their engines, why are we taking corn acrage out of the nation/world food production cycle and convert it in E-10 & E-15? Just follow the money….

  4. Philip Topps

    This whole Ethanol thing has been a scam from the beginning. As a Marine Surveyor, I have had first hand experience with the damage done by this brew to fiberglass fuel tanks on older vessels, fuel pump diaphragms, and other destructive effects. Allowing them to raise it to a higher level will just exacerbate an already poor situation. Enough of these phony “environmentalists” If they are REALLY accolites for the economy, let THEM first ALL give up their cars, heat their homes without the use of petroleum products, and live the life they want to force down our throats. Never happen (Example: ALGORE, the ultimate hypocrite)

  5. gordy mckelvey

    The E-15 issue will very soon be a non-issue. With fuel prices headed toward $5 bucks a gallon, the recreational marine market will fold up like a cheap lawn chair. The average boater is done. It’s been a fun ride!

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