BoatU.S. contest seeks new life jacket designs

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The BoatU.S. Foundation is sponsoring an Innovations in Life Jacket Design Competition, with entries due Feb. 1.

The foundation has teamed with Underwriters Laboratories and the Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association to seek technologies and design innovations that could rethink a 100-year-old design.

“The interest in new, more comfortable designs [is] always important to waterway users,” said Chris Edmonston, BoatU.S. vice president of boating safety, in a statement. “While current models of life jackets save lives every day, many are still bulky and uncomfortable, leaving boaters reluctant to wear them. This competition hopes to challenge that mindset.”

The entries will be judged on four criteria: wearability, reliability, cost and innovation.

In early February, video of all entries will be posted at the foundation’s channel at The public will be asked to select a group of finalists.

The finalist entries will be reviewed by a special panel of judges convened at the International Boating and Water Safety Summit March 6-9 in Savannah, Ga., where the winner will be announced. A $5,000 cash award goes to the winning designer.

Click here for information on how to enter.


One comment on “BoatU.S. contest seeks new life jacket designs

  1. john ennis

    The USCG would have to approve any new PFD designs and that is an expensive process for the person or company seeking approval  An example is the battle the British company Palm  gave up. It’s PFD’s are worn by the world’s leading expedition paddlers but the USCG said no reportedly because it thought the PFD had too many pockets. Hello: This is the same PFD that has proven itself during numerous Artic ventures and the curcumnnavigation of more then a dozen countries.The USCG thought it was unsafe for domestic paddling in this country.

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