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Reggie Fountain is back.

Less than two months after announcing his departure from Fountain Powerboats, the company he founded 30 years ago and eventually sold after a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, Fountain told Soundings Trade Only this morning that he’s back in the boating business with a new company called RF, or Real Fast Powerboats.

“We’re embarking on a new adventure,” he said. “I’m not ready to quit yet. I’m going to start up what I had in a small way.”

Fountain said he plans to start with two boats – a 39 center console, open and closed bow with a cabin on it – and a 43. He’s already had orders and deposits from former Fountain customers, he said.

Fountain will lease space at Brooks Boatworks in Washington, N.C., to build his boats and he plans to use space at his home, also in Washington, for research, testing and development. His home also will serve as a center for VIP service that RF customers can expect.

“We’re going to completely shower these people with personal attention when they buy these boats,” he said, adding that service will be a major component of his company.

Boats will be sold factory-direct, as well as through a few select dealers, Fountain said.

He hopes to build 25 boats in the first year, with the first expected out in five months or so.

As for who’s funding the new business, Fountain said, “Right now it’s me, myself and I,” although he’s had interest from potential investors.

“I have a number of people that say they want to invest and, depending on who invests and how much, this thing can take a fast track,” Fountain said. “Already the first boats are sold. The speed with which we move will depend upon investors.”

Many former Fountain employees are interested in working with him, Fountain added, as well as his two sons.

“Most all of my key people with the company have either left up there or been fired and so, that being the case, they’re all available and looking for something to do,” Fountain said.

With no overhead other than marketing, Fountain said he expects to turn a profit fairly quickly.

“[At] 25 boats and we’re in good shape. We can break even at 15,” he said.

— Beth Rosenberg


18 comments on “New venture for Reggie Fountain

  1. DJinNC

    If anybody can pull this off, Reggie Fountain can.
    Fountain Powerboats will be left with the name only and use the facility to build multiple brand names on the same line.  Although the bean counters like the numbers common platform manufacturing produces, uniqueness, attention to detail, and overall development are out the window, in my opinion.
    Best of Luck to Reggie Fountain and his new endeavor.


    We all hate to admit it, but “direct to the public” is the new world way of doing business. The best to you, Reggie!

  3. Fast Eddy

    RF ?  Is that Real Fast or Reggie Fountain.  Doesn’t matter how you spell it these boats will be all Reggie.  Hope he’ll build some diesel cruisers for us older guys who still like the speed but are over gas.

  4. Cat Tails

    Brooks Boatworks is owned by Roger Brooks who used to be the tooling supervisor for Reggie years ago. I assume Roger & his company are doing the new tooling for Reggie?? Would be a great team…..Anybody know? 

  5. Carder

    He never got the concept of Customer Service, it was always who could service Reggie. He burned us on a new 2008 Fountain, along with hundreds of others.
    Hopefully today’s boat buyers are smarter and will stay away from his egotistical projects.

  6. cruizeandbooze

    I have purchased two Fountains and loved both.  If the economy improves greatly, might purchase an RF Boat.  I was extremely disappointed with the Fountain Display at the Miami Boat Show this month.  Not up to Reggie’s standards.


    Great fan of Reggie – would like to know how he can be contacted. very interested in his new power line – can someone let me know how to contact his new company.

  8. brice allen

    Hey I own a an old fever and we love the boat. The boat still hits hard with the same power plants that RF put in them 10 years ago. Hell we will but again with out a second thought about it. Best DAM boat I have bought. Go get em Reggie from Texas folks wed love your boats and how they are built.

  9. bigbadwood

    Hope he does better with his new boats than he did? with our 27′ Fountain 525 HP boat that we “purchased new” from Reggie. Lots of issues with the quality of workmanship and took for ever to get things corrected. Service was a real issue (Sevrice What Service)… Maybe that is the key to getting what you pay for ? (going to his home) P.S. Has Reggie ever been able to get his gas gauges to read correctly in his boats…. ( see his video on this problem) yes you are out of fuel at 1/4 tank?

  10. Clay Malloy

    Reggie I applaud you and Craig keeping me busy sure we all have a childish side but we have fun 5316832

  11. Neil Goodchild

    All the best with the new venture. I’m on your side when you talk about how you’re going to ‘shower these people with personal attention when they buy these boats’. Genuine personal attention makes everything else run smoothly. Can’t wait to see your new boats – or get my name down for one…

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