Jacobs tells dealers ‘future looks very bright’

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In a letter to dealers, Irwin Jacobs, chairman of J&D Acquisitions, says he is “totally convinced and pleased to say that we believe the worst is behind us in the retail recreational boating market.”

The letter details the company’s Larson, Triumph, FinCraft and Seaswirl brands, which are produced in Little Falls, Minn. The company also owns the Marquis and Carver lines.

“I’m happy to tell you that I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress we’ve made since my partner, John Paul DeJoria, and I purchased the company just one year ago,” Jacobs said. “I don’t believe there’s ever been another recreational boating company that has been able to successfully retool as many new products in the short period of time such as we’ve been able to accomplish in just this last year, including three completely brand-new cruisers at Larson … along with 10 additional new models.”

Also, Jacobs noted, 104 new dealers have been signed to represent the brands, adding to the company’s 227 existing dealers.

“Although it is still early into the 2011 boat show selling season throughout the U.S. and Canada, there’s already been some very positive signs that the boat-buying consumer is once again getting interested in recreational boating,” Jacobs said. “Traffic and sales at the early boat shows are substantially better than they have been over the past year or two.”

Also, he noted, car and RV sales are picking up and recreational boats should be right behind them.

Jacobs promised to be “aggressive and forward-thinking” in developing new products as the industry recovers from the recession.

“Although the past few years have been the most difficult and challenging years our industry has ever experienced, I’m convinced the future looks very bright for those of us who are committed to the future of the recreational boating industry,” he said.

Click here for the full letter.


22 comments on “Jacobs tells dealers ‘future looks very bright’

  1. are you kidding me

    Nice to know that Irwin is so happy about the future for his new business…..after he left his old business bankrupt….and his vendors unpaid !
    Maybe he could partner up with Donald Trump…the next time !!!

  2. Minx

    We are all glad to see that Mr. Jacobs is having such a good time after stiffing his creditors and vendors. Then scooping up the best parts of the company for pennies on the dollar. A real roll model for our industry!

  3. Canadian Industry Vetran

    Unbeleivable.  Mr. Jacobs brags about new dealers, new models and being “committed to the Recreation Boating Industry.”  He showed how committed he was to his suppliers and dealers 20 months ago.  Shame on “Committed dealers” to once again partner with a company so willing to disregard honesty and integrity.  Mr Jacobs urged dealers to align themselves with his brands in February 2009 only to bankrupt his company 90 days later.  We should all learn from our past mistakes.   Great to see the Federal Government also supported Triumph with 2 Million of your dollars.   

  4. tigerpilot

    What is this guy smoking because I certainly want some. His words clearly reflect what is wrong in trying to turn around this depression. Must be the Kool-aid.

  5. Quit Crying

    I can understand the people that are upset by Mr. Jacobs actions but lets be real here. I bet you 75% or more of the vendors that got “stiffed” by Mr. Jacobs are once again doing business with him.

  6. Doug Reimel

    I once heard a rendition of a sinking ship. The story went like this; the captain proclaimed that the ship was not sinking. His loyal subjects were concerned at the statement. He reaffirmed his position by stateing that the ship was not sinking, it is just balast water to help us wether the storm,the water in the ship was just getting deeper. The subjects again believed this statement. Until the captain said,” the water in the ship is getting deeper and I will personally go and get help”. The subjects left to fend for themselves, dragging many of them down.
    The captain of the ship returned after many of his subjects learned a difficult lesson. The captain had a new ship with new subjects asking the remaining old ship subjects who survived to follow him again.

  7. John D

    Mr. J has a good writer and, from the looks of the comments, his former business associates have commendibly good memory.

  8. In the Know

    Oh, the beautiful Irwin Jacobs “nothing is wrong” letter.  These are always a signifier that things are in fact going badly.  Seeing this letter tells me there must be some struggles going on in the JD world.
    I heard a rumor that they recently laid off several workers (40+?) at the LF plant?  Anybody else heard that?  Seems to go against his letter of happiness.

  9. Stabbed in the back!

    How about the dealers that supported his brands and now are either out of business or have lost their banking relationships due to his lack of honest dealings with his dealers…….   then to survive through the turn down and backruptcy, just to find out after supporting some of his brands for decades, that you are not a dealer of those brands any longer…….

  10. BTWKS

    Wasn’t it nice not hearing all the b.s. and lip service from this man over the past year while his “stuff” was hitting the fan?  He must feel enough time has passed for everyone to forget what he put so many through.  Hopefully this will not be a daily event like in the past!

  11. Cleveland Rocks!

    Why does this guy continue to put his name in the press. He has to understand that he is the most hated man in the industry and only infuriates the people he burned more when they read this garbage. I’m thinking that is his intention.

  12. In the Know

    One more thing.  Where are these so-called records kept?  I swear that every one of these broadcasts he sends out points out that his company broke some nondescript record.

  13. Ken Lamain

    First off I am not a Jacobs fan. I do not understand how he keeps the stature in this industry.  With nothing but gravel road history, who cares what his opinion is.  But come on guys, if you are going to throw a stone, at least put your name on it not the “handles” used above.  In the list I am seeing, only one other guy put his name on his comment, Doug Reimel. I wonder…..are some of you above, not showing your name, still buying boats from him or supplying him and afraid of the blow back you would get?

  14. Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice...

    Never again will we do business with Irwin Jacobs and his associates. Do not trust any thing this company tells you.

  15. Get Real

    Same guy that was “totally convinced” his business wouldn’t go bankrupt as well.
    Who are these 104 fools that signed up with JD?  Suspect it’s just dealers taking a couple of Fincrafts so they get their interest paid on the other product they are stuck with.

  16. John Ennis

    Agree with all..but it[”s time this forum demanded real names. If you have an opinion have guts enough to sign your real name to it..other wise as Far as I am concerned it goes into file 13..and is food for the shreader.

  17. Here we go again

    This from a guy who bought bankrupt companies; ran them back into bankruptcy; stiffed his dealers and suppliers; and then bought his own bankrupt companies back.  Anyone who would believe this snake oiler needs his head examined. 
    For those of you that are worried about screen identities, remember that many of us must continue to do business on a daily basis within the industry and, like it or not, some of us, fools that we are, are doing some business with Irwin–in the name of consistency if for no other reason. 
    Larger dealers did get most of their warranty and rebate dollars back from his companies; but I don’t think he would be first on anyone’s list of builders  most likely to succeed.

  18. Silver Fox

    You mean he left vendors hanging too…..like the employees as well?
    Always good to see positive upbeat owners/investors make me all warm and fuzzy again…..one would almost think a boat show is coming up soon. Wait a minute, is it February already?

  19. DJinNC

    The worst may be hehind us all but that does not mean we are returning to the good times anytime soon.  No, not any time soon with 9% unemployment and 25% of the entire nations homeowners hovering near being upside down and not with banking insisting on prudent practices such as 20% downpayments and excellent credit.

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