MarineMax signs deals with Sea Tow, Marinalife

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MarineMax announced new partnerships Thursday with Sea Tow Services International and Marinalife.

Under the terms of the Sea Tow agreement, each person who purchases a new boat from MarineMax will receive a complimentary 95-day Sea Tow Gold Card membership and each person who purchases a used or brokerage boat from MarineMax will receive a complimentary 60-day Sea Tow Gold Card membership.

All purchasers of a new, used or brokerage boat from MarineMax will receive a base-level membership in the MarineMax Rewards Club, which provides parts discounts, service specials, sales promotions, exclusive events, deals from vendor partners and concierge services to its members. Sea Tow members also will be able to opt into the base-level MarineMax Rewards Club at no charge.

Under the terms of the Marinalife agreement, Rewards Club members will receive access to marina information and reviews, destination guides, port reports and nautical charts; fuel locator and pricing; special offers and downloadable coupons for marinas and fuel; and a one-year subscription to leading boating publications.

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2 comments on “MarineMax signs deals with Sea Tow, Marinalife

  1. HMJ41

    Newsflash: MarineMax has always offered their new and used boat buyers a free trial membership for Sea Tow services.  I worked at one of their retail locations for two and half years and the temporary Sea Tow membership has always been a key component of their beloved “Delivering the Dream” philosophy.
    I can only assume now that signed paperwork is involved this official announcement is considered news worthy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that all MarineMax has actually done here is to create an illustrious new title (the Gold Card Membership) for a preexisting policy and partnership. I don’t see the value in redefining old ideas and company policies. A 95-day towing membership is not exactly earth shattering news. Marine retailers should be focused on regaining their exposure to the outside world. There’s going to have to be a lot more creativity involved if the industry hopes to reach untapped customer markets and convince potential boating prospects to put away their golf clubs for weekend.
    With continued pressure to survive in the luxury retail world, I’m surprised that the largest and only publically traded boating company is not able to make more of an effort in order to regain their once dominant position. New methods of thinking and fresh ideas are needed now more than ever. As the boating industry continues to recover I can honestly say that I expected a little bit more from the HZO boys in Clearwater.

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