Miami attendance jumps 14 percent

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Attendance was up 14 percent at the 2011 Miami International Boat Show, which closed Monday.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association, which produces the show, reported 104,168 attendees this year, versus 91,415 in 2010.

Strictly Sail Miami, however, was down 8 percent compared with 2009 – the last time it was held as a stand-alone show. A total of 18,122 people attended Strictly Sail, versus 19,723 two years ago.

“The atmosphere throughout the five-day event was positive, and exhibitors from both shows reported strong buying crowds and increased sales,” the NMMA said.


8 comments on “Miami attendance jumps 14 percent

  1. boatman11

    Interesting to note as well that many of the buyers at this show were non-Americans.
    Canadians and Australians were prevelant among the foreign buyers, especially of the higher-end yachts. I beleive 2  of the Lazzarra yachts sold are going to Canada. I heard the same from other dealers as well. Overseas money goes further in the US now.

  2. Clay Ratcliffe

    Great Show.  We are advocates for Marine Manufacturers and Dealers and found that most if not ALL were showing strong at-show-sales and that is definately a large boon to our industry.
    …We were seeing that the customers who came from the Gulf Coast were in a strong WAIT AND SEE MODE!!.   The effects of fishing and bottom feeding uncertanity based on the Deep Horizon Oil Spill of April (last) are far, FAR from over!!.
    …But over all.  Good to see the east coast all the way up to ME healthy (healthier)
    thx, Clay

  3. Jeff

    Is certainly is encouraging. The same appeared true for New York. Although the show was smaller than previous years 2009,  the crowd definitely was good and most of the dealers I spoke with were happy with the response which was to buy not just to look.
    There is a more confident feel about job security and a bit of pent up demand from buyers.
    From an advertising point of view this is also good. More sales, more ads more jobs. More people on the water more tackle and marine accessory sales and ching a ching.
    We have a while to go to get back up to pre 2008 sales but it is a growth curve and we are in the right direction.

  4. Erik Norrie-CEO SeaHawk Paints

    We were excited to see the Miami show so well attended.  We gained a tremendous number of new customers internationally which is a breath of fresh air.  It reminded me of the way the show used to be years ago.
    It was encouraging to hear the overall attitude of cofidence coming back!
    We also had a great response from the general public on our new Smart Solutions, completely metal free antifouling.  People are aware of the need for GREEN products.
    Erik Norrie

  5. Julie Balzano

    My assessment too was that international buyers were plentiful, including Venezuelans and Brazilians. We encourage Florida companies to be proactive in their efforts to seek out international customers. This show was a positive start for 2011. If you’re interested in PROACTIVELY pursuing those international buyers, contact me for details as to how Enterprise Florida can help. Jbalzano@eflorida.coom

  6. John Minetola

    Coconut Grove Art Festival and Valentine’s Day were not in conflict with Miami Show this year.  As a local who has worked Miami Shows for 28 years, I think these pieces of timing plus a trend for Latin Americans buying up property around here and a cold winter up north, have to be included in the calculations.  These all worked with the uptick in the boat business to make it a good show this year.

  7. Gerry Laster

    I thought the Strictly Sail show was a tremendous recovery from a dismal showing last year when they almost killed it by moving it up to combine it with the power boat show.  That was a bad move.  Yet, to come almost up to match numbers from two years ago should be seen as a very positive attendance response for the show.

  8. steve mika

    it was an incredible show for zyrex high performance bottom exceeded even our highest expectations for our no metals bottom coating. we picked up several international clients along with a huge amount of sales in the u.s.a. it proved to us people are interested in green products as long as the price is competitive.

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