Analyst: Boat sales could grow 10 percent this year

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The U.S. marine industry could be on pace to see unit retail growth as high as 10 percent in 2011, according to Tim Conder, a senior analyst with Wells Fargo Securities.

Conder, a Brunswick Corp. analyst, said the conclusion comes from conversations with industry contacts after the Miami International Boat Show.

“Optimism remains rooted in the fact that the supply of excess quality used boats and non-current new boats is exhausted and that used boat prices are rising, making a new boat choice more palatable,” he wrote.

“We would quickly acknowledge that it remains very early in the retail boat selling season and that solid initial clarity of sell-through will not be available until April,” he said, adding that Wells Fargo continues to view Brunswick shares “as offering an attractive risk/reward profile.”


8 comments on “Analyst: Boat sales could grow 10 percent this year

  1. Sunny

    I’m thinking the Brunswick analyst might want to start looking for a different job…with gas prices rising…$4/gal gas +++.  With my college degree in hand, I see a 10% reduction if we are lucky.

  2. F. Smith

    Perhaps high fuel prices will get more people into the pleasures of sailing and it will see +10% sales growth increase this year!

  3. Boat4ever

    Those “conversations” must have been while consuming some martinis.
    Tim Conder, his family and friends can invest all they want in Brunswick shares.
    There is no “attractiveness” for me.  Soon, when the house of cards falls,  I will
    toast my martini to that swift senior analyst.

  4. Mike M

    It’s kinda like the real estate industry.  All the banks are hoping that by spreading “good news”, our media riddled economy will feel comfortable enough to start spending again.  The government and big banks are hiding the real issues.  Credit in the housing markets will continue to gravely affect the marine industry.  If nearly 50% of home mortgages are having difficulties, who’s going to buy our boats?

  5. Curtis

    I am thinking, does this guy get paid for the information he passes on. Lets see, boat sales have continued down for the last three years with not even a blimp of an increase. Sales were down again in january (o my did I say that).
    Get real people. We are in for a long 2011 and you had better not have to much boat inventory because your flooring costs will eat you alive.
    Service, parts and consignments. That is where the business is.
    Stay small and keep it all.
    Have a nice day

  6. compact45

    What a line of bull….
    Hey Boss the plane…the plane……Welcome to Fantasy Island 

  7. Broker

    I’ve been a Broker in TN for 28 years. I’ve never seen the used/new boat market in this condition. These guys think sale will be up 10%, they must be on the same thing Charlie Sheen is on! We will be lucky to see a 15%-20% decrease especially if the fuel prices, gas/diesel even stays where they are today. I know for a fact most of the Dealers in my area did NOT buy 2011 product as they have NEW 07-08-09-10 left overs.

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