EPA seeks comments on waterway regulations

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking public comment to help develop proposed regulations, as required by the 2008 Clean Boating Act, to reduce water pollution and the spread of invasive species in the nation’s rivers, lakes and other water bodies.

As an alternative to permits required for commercial vessels, the act directs the EPA to develop and promulgate management practices for recreational vessels.

The comments received through the process will help guide the development of proposed regulations to mitigate adverse effects from recreational boat discharges, such as bilge water, graywater and deck runoff that might contain substances harmful to water quality or spread invasive species, the EPA said.

The Clean Boating Act directs the EPA to take steps to limit the effects of pollution and the spread of invasive species associated with the discharge from boats. As part of the public input, the EPA also is seeking information from states that already enact standards to limit the effects of boat discharges on waterways.

The EPA is holding listening sessions and conducting webinars to inform interested parties about the Clean Boating Act and receive public comment. The sessions will be held March 18 and April 29 in Annapolis, Md..

Click here for information on the Clean Boating Act.


One comment on “EPA seeks comments on waterway regulations

  1. dave

    Based on previous decisions, the EPA will be banning all recreational boating in 2011, as it is too pervasive and allows invasive species to become a nuisance.
    I have yet to discharge an invasive species from any of my boats in over 40 years of boating…if the EPA wants to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING…let them ban the hauling and discharge of unfiltered ballast water by tankers and the commercial fleets, and cleaning of tanks off shore…of course a common sense solution like that would never pass Lisa Jackson.  My guess is that one tanker’s worth of cleaning would be much worse than the entire Chesapeake boaters dumping their bilges, grey water, cooling water, and deck runoff..
    Remember it was she, who said “all that oil simply disappeared” when asked about the BP spill….and she is the head of the EPA.
    Lisa, why not release the studies on recreational marine sanitation systems, that have been sitting on your desk for years.
    Why have Soundings and the other media allowed the EPA to sit on research that runs contrary to the EPAs laws.

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