Florida marina slips set to be auctioned

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Sheldon Good & Co. will conduct an April 14 auction of 140 condominium boat slips within the Port of the Islands Marina in Naples, Fla.

Offered together in bulk, the 140 slips, of which 52 are liveaboards, are guaranteed to sell at or above $1.96 million.

“The owner of the adjacent Port of the Islands Hotel has future development plans for three residential condominium buildings on the property. With the addition of 100 new units, demand for slips within the marina only stands to increase into the future,” the company said in a statement.

The marina features Bellingham concrete floating boat slips, new lighting pedestals with 15-, 30-, and 50-amp electrical service and water service. The marina also offers a new pumpout station, boat-washing facility, fueling station and boat launch ramp.

Slip ownership includes the use of The Islands Club’s amenities, featuring a heated swimming pool, two lighted tennis courts, a fitness center with sauna, steam room and showers, a billiard and card room, Angler’s Cove Restaurant and bar, conference rooms and two executive office suites.

The purchase of the slips also will include a fee simple title to the submerged land, rare in the state of Florida.

“There are so many unique aspects of this property,” said Richard Moravek, managing director of Sheldon Good & Co. in the Southeast region, in a statement. “With a minimum bid of just $1,960,000 for all 140 slips, that works out to only $14,000 per slip, making this an incredible investment opportunity.”

The bidder’s information packet, a requirement to bid, will be available at all on-site inspections or can be ordered and shipped by registering at the website or calling (800) 301-9526. On-site inspections are scheduled to begin next week.

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