States move to implement E15

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Efforts to clear the way for the eventual sale of gasoline that contains 15 percent ethanol are under way in Nebraska and Illinois, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported.

The Illinois bill would authorize the state to encourage service stations to offer E15 and provide information about any financial incentives that might be developed for service stations.

The Nebraska bill would eliminate labeling requirements for ethanol fuel dispensed at service stations.

The NMMA is opposing both bills.

Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency approved E15 for use in cars and light trucks from model-year 2007 or newer. In January, the agency expanded the rule to include cars, SUVs and light pickup trucks built between 2001 and 2006.

E15 has not been approved for use in boat engines.

The NMMA and other groups have filed suit against the federal agency over its decision.


3 comments on “States move to implement E15

  1. Jerry Nessenson

    States may do this on their own, however E15 will not be “legal” to sell until the U.S. EPA approves the required warning label for dispensers. Which they have not done as yet.
    Most importantly, E15 will not be “legal” for anyone to sell to a non-approved vehicle (such as boats or any off road or pre 2001 vehicles). As the retailer of the fuel is liable (the EPA fine in $32,000 per day per offence) for any “non-legal” sale, all in the petroelum industry who I am aware of have stated they will not offer E15 at their stations until they are not liable for an unauthorized sale.

  2. dave

    And so it starts, oh by the way…we don’t need any labels…??
    Just how does this make any sense, and the EPA has yet to approve their “label”.  What will be on that label…blank white so it can cover the now, not legally needed state label.

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