EPA calls for tougher PVC regulations

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday proposed stronger standards that would require facilities that produce polyvinyl chloride – used to build some RIBs and other inflatable boats – to reduce emissions of harmful toxins, improving air quality and protecting people’s health in communities where the facilities are located.

The standards would reduce emissions of air toxins, such as dioxin and vinyl chloride, while giving facilities the flexibility to choose the most practical and cost-effective control technology or technique to reduce their emissions. Facilities also would need to monitor emissions at certain points in the PVC production process to ensure that the standards are met.

Air toxins from the PVC production process affect nearby communities. There are 17 PVC production facilities in the United States. A majority of them are in Louisiana and Texas. The proposal would cover all existing and any new PVC production facilities.

The EPA will accept comment on the proposal for 60 days after it is published in the Federal Register. The agency also will hold two public hearings in the Houston and Baton Rouge, La., areas. More information about the hearings will be available soon.

Click here for information on the proposal.

In a separate action, the EPA is developing standards for the chemical industry that will address air toxins such as dioxins and vinyl chloride. The agency will issue a proposal for them later this year.

PVC production facilities make PVC resins that are used in a large number of commercial and industrial products, including latex paints, coatings, adhesives, clear plastics, rigid plastics and flooring.


5 comments on “EPA calls for tougher PVC regulations

  1. George

    Real simple answer… build them in Mexico and China and the all knowing, all caring epa will having nothing to do.

  2. SPillsbury

    Can these people PLEASE wake up?!  When will they be satified – when ALL manufacturing is done outside the US?
    Worker safety is one thing….but this is going too far…again.

  3. Phil Osborne

    Just like Obama said a few short months ago,  I want to get rid of all the unneeded regulations that are choking our industries ability to compete in the world.  Just one more lie from this job killing president.

  4. Rose4

    The EPA is doing more to get rid of jobs than to protect us.  They are the reason jobs have left California, and they will not stop until all are gone overseas.  Then liberals will cry that we are causing polution in other countries.

  5. enginecom

    You are preeching to the choir. The EPA is only known as a job killing regulation machine. I recently had contact with a hybrid bus builder. Their product reduces fuel use in half from the old design. They had to install a many thousand dollar fume collection system near their welding stations. They will from what I hear also have to collect grinding particles from all metal working activity. Oblunder and his EPA will be the demise of all manufacturing in the US. We should be spreading the word to all employees and their voting family members what is in store if he is reelected in 2012.

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