Marquis Yachts adds to product line

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Marquis Yachts is expanding its product line to include small, portable offices for National Guard recruiters.

Production of the Mobile Recruiting Office will mean 379 new jobs and could lead to other markets for the portable 8-foot-by-10-foot structures.

“A year ago, this was dark,” Marquis Yachts president Bob VanGrunsven said Tuesday as he looked around one of the company’s production facilities, where more than a dozen of the units lined the floor. The National Guard order is for 100 units.

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5 comments on “Marquis Yachts adds to product line

  1. DJinNC

    No doubt the boat-building industry continues to suffer when you see manufacturers taking on projects like this in order to keep the factory lights on.

  2. Reality

    Actually, the reality is, this is how Irwin stays afloat.  Via government funds.  It’s how his fishing tournament business lived over the past 4 years.
    Did you see he got another $2 million from government funding again?  This time it’s Wisconsin, last time it was Minnesota. It’s in the link to the full report, it’s not mentioned here for some reason.
    If somebody doesn’t hold his feet to the fire on this one when the reality of 379 jobs is just smoke and mirrors, I’ll be even more disgusted than I already am……

  3. ThomasBrooking

    I agree. Manufacturers need to get these contract jobs to stay afloat.  I remember when Tiara Yachts found the niche market of making fiberglass wind blades…helped their bottom line.
    And as is the course, Mr. Jacobs will exploit these too-

  4. boatantics

    Something doesnt add up….The article qoutes that they currently have 355 employees…..Nov 29th Irwin was boasting in a article about hiring 115 new employees totaling 540 employees because of his unprecidented retooling project. More of the same…

  5. Bill T

    This is a good example of why our economy is on its knees.
    Company files for bankruptcy; costing hundreds of employees to lose their jobs and stiffing suppliers for millions of dollars.
    Then reorganizes under a new legal name and gets $2 million in taxpayer’s funds to “create” those same jobs they destroyed.
    Gov. Walker should know better.

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