Government extends comment period on waterways

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The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers extended the public comment period by 30 days for draft guidance on identifying waters protected by the Clean Water Act.

In response to requests from state and local officials, as well as other stakeholders, the EPA and the Corps of Engineers will take additional comment until July 31 on the draft guidance, which aims to protect U.S. waters.

Public comments received will be carefully considered as the agencies make final decisions regarding the guidance. The agencies said the comments also will be helpful as they prepare a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

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6 comments on “Government extends comment period on waterways

  1. enginecom

    OOOO more regs for the boating community! Just what we need from the EPA. Can’t wait until 2012 so we can vote to change the administration and their EPA head. Public comments my butt as they will do what they feel will do the most damage to the business community. We need to band together and make sure all our associates, customers, employees know that another 4 yrs of new regs courtisy of the Obama administration is not what we need. Time for some pro business governance.

  2. john ennis

    federal regulations urgently needed in Florida where the governor and the legislature has wiped out dozens of clean water regs and forced the resignations of water district personnel leting it be known the dollar is more important then clean water and the public’s health.

  3. sandy Daugherty

    Wrong on a few important points, enginecom!

    I went to a public “town meeting” the EPA hosted in Annapolis a few months ago. You must have had something more important to do?
    I went in loaded for bear, and came out with a good feeling about the EPA folk who were there. They are real people, not politicians. They wanted to hear from US how to implement the act, which is an ill-advised, feel-good, this-will-make-us-look-good piece of foolishness from Congress, NOT Obama.

    Bottom Line: no graywater systems, nothing new on sewage handling, and some really worthwhile suggestions FROM THE PUBLIC about how to implement this mess.

  4. thorney

    Wrong on THE important point, sandy

    Obama installed Lisa Jackson as head of the EPA. All you need to do is check out her agenda. The EPA legislates without Congressional approval!

  5. dave


    you fell for the program – those folks at Annapolis have nothing to do with the decisions. That will be made at the top. I hope you still “feel good” about the process when the word comes down. Me, I was at Annapolis too, and came away disgusted by the lack of information they shared, and their obvious lack of knowledge about boat systems, and recreational boating, or how their mandates affect us and the use of our boats. Best of Luck

  6. mclark

    Groundwater supplies in our aquifers, soil contaminated grazing areas — It has been happening IN THE USA b/c of deregulation. People who can light their tapwater with a match, sick and dying b/c of singleminded support of business greed. In 2005, Congress passed the Energy Policy Act with a “Halliburton loophole”, a clause inserted at the request of Dick Cheney, who had been Halliburton’s CEO before becoming vice-president. The loophole specifically exempts fracking [used for gas extraction] from the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, the CLEAR Act, and from regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency, and it unleashed the largest and most extensive drilling program in history. Watch “Gasland” and beware of those like “enginecom” that want fewer regulations that are in place to protect everyone not profit from everyone.

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