NMMA reports decline in wholesale powerboat shipments

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Through the first quarter of 2011, wholesale shipments of powerboats were down 1.2 percent, relatively unchanged from a year earlier, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Boating News Net monthly economic report.

Advance data indicated that shipments would ebb in April.

The NMMA report also said advance estimates indicated that retail sales of powerboats would be down 12 percent through March. For all of 2010, total new powerboat registrations were down 11 percent.

Recreational boat and marine engine export volumes were up 10 percent in the first quarter of 2011 and the dollar value of those sales was up 8 percent from a year earlier. Corresponding import volumes were up 57 percent; the dollar value of those sales was up 25 percent, according to the NMMA.

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2 comments on “NMMA reports decline in wholesale powerboat shipments

  1. john ennis

    Stock market headede down. The only PFD in sight are corporate earnings overseas. A survey by the National Nureau of Economic Research reveals only 25% of the respondents said they could come up with $2,000 for an emergency if given 30 days to do so. A study by George Washington University reveals only 42% of the population has tried to figure out how much money they need in retirement 51 percent ages 45 to 59 haven’t even done that.and only 21 percent said they have paid any attention to information sent to them by Social Security.Don’t look for this vast majority to be buying boats anytime soon. Add in the huge unemployment, under employment figures, and high cost of petrol that won’t ruin engines and it’s a wonder the boating industry is still afloat.

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