NMMA: States consider significant changes in law

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association reported news from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Louisiana that affects the marine industry.

The Massachusetts legislature will hold a hearing on a proposed marine excise tax. The NMMA, along with the Massachusetts Marine Trade Association, has submitted comments to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Revenue opposing the bills, which would levy an additional tax on boats and boat equipment that are habitually docked or moored in state waters during the summer boating season.

For information, contact Nicole Vasilaros at (202) 737-9763 or nvasilaros@nmma.org.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has proposed a rule requiring all people aboard boats less than 16 feet, or any canoe or kayak, to wear life jackets between Nov. 1 and April 30. Concerned boaters can submit comments by Aug. 10 by mail to the Executive Director, Fish and Boat Commission, P.O. Box 67000, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000 or online.

For information, contact David Dickerson at (202) 737-9761 or ddickerson@nmma.org.

The NMMA said it persuaded the Louisiana legislature to exempt marine dealers and manufacturers from licensing and contract regulations it recently passed.

Boat dealers and manufacturers were deleted from a portion of the bill that would have forced them to gain approval from the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission before making any contract modifications.


13 comments on “NMMA: States consider significant changes in law

  1. Dick Tuschick

    I was thinking of storing my boat in MA this winter (for connivence) but my plans will change quickly if MA charges me some type of tax !!!!

  2. Pamela Shattuck

    I wish Massachusetts would think about all the marine related businesses that this tax would hurt. I’m not sure why MA would want to again try to cripple an already struggling industry. I know they like to tax everything especially if the liberals deem it a “luxury” but this will really trickle down and hurt the small business owners more than it’ll hurt the boat owners. Very short sighted on the legislatures part and will not help grow jobs in the marine industry.

  3. Gordon

    I guess in Pennsylvania between May 1st and October 31st it’s OK to drown. Hmmm very interesting.

  4. Scott Heffernan

    Too bad we are not all as rich a Sen. Kerry so that we could just move our Yachts to Delaware and avoid taxes.

  5. enginecom

    The problem we are having is certain people like our infamous John Kerry go to New Zealand to buy $3 million yachts and moor them in RI which has lower marine taxes. Others have registered them in RI and keep them habitually in MA during the season also avoiding tax. The issue is those who can afford million dollar craft and can pay to incorporate them in non tax states thus avoiding the tax. These rather affluent MA residents are causing the state to lose revenue that the rest of us pay. I am a boater and a marine small business owner who never sees any business from million dollar craft. If MA DOR wants to go after those boats I’m all for it.

  6. Joe Beets

    Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine will send their abundant thanks for driving business their way.

  7. bpante

    I was going fishing in Pennsylvaina this fall. Just changed those plans.

    Take down that sign at the PA/NJ border that says AMERICA STARTS HERE. it no longer applies.

  8. Boat 1

    “enginecom” – MA needs all the million dollar boats it can get. Everyone of those boats is built by, painted by, washed by, serviced by, stored by, winterized by, launched by, fueled by… people making generally around $50k per year. These are the guys that will come and do busniness with you, Mr. “Small Marine Business Owner”. You just don’t get it. Being jealous of the rich gets you nowhere. Wealthy people make money to spend it… or give it away. In both instances it makes our economy go.

  9. anonymousBill

    You didn’t expect Pennsylvania, the conservative commonwealth which for no apparent reason did away with required helmets for motorcycles, to have a PFD policy which makes sense did you ?

  10. George C. Horwatt

    Pennsylvania has far too many commissions. PFBC and other good old boy clubs need to be abolished and the legislature would have to take responsibility for onerous over-regulation.

  11. Rod

    I’m confused! Massachusetts has always had an excise tax on boats moored/docked in the State for as long as I can remember. I used to get a bill every year (for a whopping $4.00) from the town where I kept my 12′ sailboat, my Dad was billed every year ($25.00) for excise tax on our 21′ sailboat. Many towns are very lax in billing boatowners, and that hurts revenue….. but if they can’t be bothered to send out tax bills, they ain’t going to collect any taxes owed! Does this “new” law meant that boatowners will be taxed twice? Or are the people up on Beacon Hill (who work an average of 4-5 hours per week, while collecting a 40 hour paycheck) planning to repeal the present Excise Tax and substitute a new one?? It sounds like another case of pushing to enact a law that simply duplicates a law presently on the books! What am I missing?

  12. Tim Pitts

    The legislatures do not care who they hurt they are addicted to spending tax payers money like a herion addict is addicted to heroin. They can not get spending under control and the answer without waiver is to find something not taxed yet and tax it or raise the taxes. Bastards the lot of them.

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